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5 Common Myths About Dyslexia

By March 14, 2015Blog

dyslexia-mythsThere is still much outdated information circulating regarding dyslexia. According to an article posted on, “scientists know more than ever about the causes and effects of dyslexia. But a few myths persist.”

The Brooklyn Letters experienced reading/literacy specialists work with all ages (preschoolers through adolescence), travel to your home (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island), and several have office locations. Brooklyn Letters offers professional reading and writing support from passionate, warm, and experienced educators. Our staff has advanced academic training and professional experience working in schools teaching students with literacy difficulties; many tutors typically don't have these qualifications.

We understand what causes underlying literacy learning issues, and we provide decoding and encoding services, Orton-Gillingham support, and facilitate reading fluency and reading comprehension. Our staff provides standardized reading tests to measure progress. See more at:

At Brooklyn Letters, we understand that dyslexia is a life-long condition, but we recognize that “early intervention and helpful classroom accommodations can have a significant, positive impact on reading ability and academic achievement.”

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