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Speech development is incredibly complex and our perspective on speech development is heavily influenced from science (professors who study speech development) and not from trends. We also offer language therapy (early childhood and school age), which is different from enunciation therapy. We will assess your child’s speech and language skills and our analysis will target where your child is having difficulty with their speech and/or language development. Pinpointing the underlying difficulties is important for effective treatment.


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Speech sound development is strongly tied to the child’s expressive language abilities and toddlers who are hard to understand can be unintelligible for many reasons.

A delay in expressive vocabulary and a delay in stringing words together is usually accompanied by a delay in the sound acquisition and decreased speech intelligibility. Therapy typically focuses on increasing the child’s expressive vocabulary and helping the child increase the complexity of what they say. As the child’s vocabulary expands, the number and variety of sounds increases and the toddler is more understood.

For toddlers with a limited sound repertoire, we teach early developing sounds to start building the foundation for learning words.

Some toddlers are talkative but they are hard to understand. They may need help acquiring early developing sounds and/or eliminating atypical sound errors.

Some toddlers can say a lot of words and they are well understood, but they need help using their words in the right environment. Here, the therapy focuses on social language use.


Therapy may focus on increasing the child’s vocabulary and complexity of what they say, facilitating their underlying speech development.

Some preschoolers need help learning age-appropriate sounds and/or reducing speech error patterns, e.g. child says tiss, for kiss even though the child can say the k sound.

Some preschoolers can say a lot of words and they are well understood, but they need help using their words in the right environment. Here, the therapy focuses on social language use.


Therapy typically focuses on teaching later developing sounds, e.g. th, l, and r, reducing sound distortions, e.g. lisp, and resolving any remaining speech error pattern(s) not exhibited by peers.

We are experienced to work with children with repaired cleft lip/palate.
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