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When to Visit the Audiologist, by Drs. Rivka Strom & Shirley Pollak, Audiologists

Hearing challenges present themselves in different ways, especially with regards to children and adults. C?mon, we all remember the frustration we felt when asked to repeat ourselves to our grandparent or neighbor once again (for the fourth time!!!)?but what about that baby who is seemingly so content and happy but also quiet because he misses half of what is being said around him?.or what about the child who does not laugh at his friend?s joke

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Emotional Learning by Annette Hernandez, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

Emotional learning has become a hot topic these days in the field of child development. Psychology experts are researching the ways we develop an emotional vocabulary and how we express, recognize, and manage our emotions. Recent studies suggest that individuals exposed to emotional learning early in life, have happier and more successful lives in the future.
Young pre-verbal children are prone to tantrums or ?meltdowns?, in part due to the fact…

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