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Executive Functioning Skills Group for Middle and High School Students

By December 5, 2012Blog

Rennicke & Associates is now offering executive functioning skills groups for middle school and high school students. This group teaches specific skills to improve your child's executive functioning; topics covered in the group include:

  • Metacognition: What is your learning style What is the best way that you learn in the classroom
  • Time Management: Learn how to plan ahead in order to get assignments done on time
  • Organizational Skills: Learn how to create a system to stay organized (planners, binders, lockers)
  • Stress Management: What can you do when you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed
  • Mindfulness Skills: Learn how to track thoughts and feelings, as well as specific skills to use when faced to negative thoughts and feelings about school
  • This group also includes parents and caregivers:

    • Monthly parent meetings: Learn about the topics covered thus far in group and how to incorporate
      these skills at home and at school
    • Weekly parent emails: Stay up-to-date on weekly group topics and homework assignments
    • Other important details:

      • 8-week group (6 sessions for students + 2 sessions for parents)
      • Weekly 90 minute meetings
      • Students are separated by grade level, into middle school and high school groups
      • Very small group setting (maximum of 4 students per group), allowing for individualized attention
        and feedback
      • If interested, please contact Meredith Bonacci, PhD at 212-337-3565 (ext 4) or

        This may be a potential resource for testing cases, as a recommended service following the evaluation, or for cases in need of short-term skill-focused work to improve academic success. Rennicke & Associates is a group private practice located in Soho, providing evidence based treatments for children, teens, and adults. Visit our website ( to learn more about our practice, the services offered, and how to schedule an appointment.

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