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moversA new movement group will be open to children 18-30 months, accompanied by a caregiver. This group is led by two experts on child development, Jennifer Laing (Physical Therapist) and Lynn Herlihy (Occupational Therapist). The child-caregiver class combines movement and sensory play activities to help your child develop gross and fine motor skills, explore sensory materials, and improve attention. The combination of free play and therapist-guided activities ensures that your child has the opportunity to explore on their own, while also introducing just the right amount of adult-directed activities to improve listening skills. Jennifer and Lynn bring a combined 30 years experience working with children to this group designed for ALL KIDS to benefit from the fun and stimulating setting of a sensory gym. If you have concerns about your child’s motor skills, or if you are looking for a fun way to bond with your child, this group offers the unique opportunity to have guidance from two therapists who understand child development .and how to have fun!

This 8-week group will be a great way to learn activities and ask questions of two therapists at once! We’re hoping it takes off and we can continue to offer 8-week sessions, and possibly start new groups for other age groups too. The first session starts Wednesday, 9/30, from 10:00-10:40 at Run, Jump, Roll (433 3rd Ave, Brooklyn).

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