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Professional tutoring- Manhattan and Brooklyn- Tutors (learning specialists) travel to your home!

By August 25, 2012Blog

Themba Tutors ( is a new professional tutoring company employing highly credentialed professionals, who specialize and who have professional experience working with children and adults with learning differences. Everyone on staff has at least a master’s, several have doctorates, in fields related to learning differences, and their tutors make home visits throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. They strongly believe in a team approach and they work closely with families, schools, and professionals.

The students they work with are prepared to:
Plan, organize, brainstorm, and complete their work.
Read effectively and efficiently.
Write fluently and structure essays.
Learn and apply math skills.
Extract important information.
Communicate more effectively with teachers.
Become motivated to be life-long learners.
Feel more confident about learning.

They also prepare students for the following tests:
State tests in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science for grades 3 through high school.
SHSAT for admission to specialized public high schools
ISEE/SSAT for admission to private boarding and day schools
Academic tests in all subject areas.
PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT for admission to college.
College essays and test preparation

They work with the following:
ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning issues.
Language and Auditory Processing
Autistic Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & Asperger's Syndrome.
Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Reading Disorders, e.g. Dyslexia.
Writing Disorders
Dyscalculia & Math Disorders.
Other disorders and learning issues.

They help adults:
Writing, reading, and proofreading.
Organization and planning.
Paper management.

Their tutors help professionals perform better in the context of the work environment and help them use their strengths and work around their learning issues to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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