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  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Saffady ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    My sessions with Karen have been extremely helpful. My speech has improved tremendously. In fact, I just finished 2 hours of conducting interviews with a consulting client via MS Teams and I have an upcoming conference call. Both my … More neurologist and neurosurgeon remarked about how good my speech is. Much of the day it is perfect, although I still have some rough spots when I get tired or speak too quickly. One of my granddaughters is a speech pathology student at Ithaca College. She sat in on 2 sessions while she was home for winter break, and she was very impressed with Karen.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Melissa Stevens ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Highly recommend Jill. She is a total pleasure to work with. After a few months working with Jill, my son is reading above grade level and LOVES to read. Mission accomplished!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Christine Weiher ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    We were amazed with Allison! She met my son at 2 1/2 years old, not speaking much at all, and over a computer, and she was able to develop a bond and friendship, so much so that he would look forward to his weekly computer time with Allison. … More I was not sure how the speech therapy would go- but we are so happy that we tried it out and continued. It allowed my son to gain confidence in his speech, make a new friend :), and also give him the skills and a bit of understanding of how to shape his mouth or where to place his tongue to make the proper sounds. We were extremely happy with Allison- she was fantastic to work with.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jeizel Rosenthal ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Isabel was WONDERFUL and our son absolutely adored her, and he is making great progress with his reading and writing.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Demet Evren ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Paige was great and we had been really happy with her. I would highly recommend her! I recommend Brooklyn Letters to whomever asks for a speech therapist.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Lesley Duval ★★★★★ a year ago
    Theo was fantastic with our 4yo son. We were very worried that his progress would fall off when we had to switch to remote sessions, but Theo kept our son happy and engaged through the screen. Highly highly recommend!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Samantha Packard ★★★★★ a year ago
    We've been working with Theo from Brooklyn Letters for close to 4 months now and the results are apparent; our daughter has vastly improved her speech in a relatively short amount of time. We make "Theo Day" a celebration … More in our house with pancakes for breakfast, and the enthusiasm is matched in the sessions. Theo is fun, patient, professional, and caring, and he gives us the tools to take the lessons beyond the session. Thank you Theo, and Brooklyn Letters, for helping our daughter express herself.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Travis Ricca ★★★★★ a year ago
    I worked with Alina to enhance my pronunciation, tone, and pacing while communicating socially and in a work environment. She was great to work with and clear about goals and learning objectives. The improvement from day 1 has been tremendous! … More
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Enrico Bermudez ★★★★★ a year ago
    Cathy has been excellent with us and our son. We will sorely miss her. He has improved significantly with Cathy’s help. Cathy was a true partner with us, especially as we pursued additional help through our son’s school system.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Kayne Elisabeth Wilk ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    We really loved working with Alina, she is so fantastic. Patient yet firm, and determined the best course of action very clearly and succintly for us. And it all transitioned so well to Zoom as well. I will definitely be back in touch for … More services for our other child after summer break!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jen S ★★★★★ a year ago
    Vera was amazing! My 11 yo daughter made progress so quickly and really looked forward to her sessions. She was kept motivated and engaged.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters susie tofte ★★★★★ a year ago
    The work that Allison P. did with our daughter over the years has been invaluable to us. Our daughter had such a good relationship with Allison, and it allowed them to work really well together - even remotely these past 6 months. This … More year, Allison went above and beyond by helping us throughout the neuropsych eval we did, trying to re-open our daughter's IEP at her school, and eventually landing her at our chosen school. She was in contact with our daughter's teachers, with the neuropsychologist, and made herself available as a reference to speak on behalf of our daughter's learning differences.
    Allison stopped by our house last week to give our daughter cupcakes and say goodbye, and I literally cried with appreciation for what an amazing speech therapist she has been. She has been our daughter's biggest champion. The new families that she will work with this year are lucky to have her.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Alicia Perez-Katz ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Sydney was great! Our son was sad to end his sessions with her, which says a lot. We appreciated her honest assessment of his skill level, and he now has materials to self monitor and practice. Thank you!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jacob B ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We were delighted with Christie. First, and most importantly, our son made great strides under her guidance. So great, that we felt he no longer needed help! She was incredibly patient and kind with him and our son really responded to … More her. Christie was also great with me and my wife. She provided thorough and informative updates on our son's progress and which exercises she was using with him, so we could reinforce what she was teaching him. All in all, we had a fabulous experience with Christie and would highly recommend her.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Kristin Ames ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Our experience with Theo was terrific. Theo was great with my son. He developed a positive relationship with him based on sincerity, respect, trust and a deep personal connection. In their lessons, Theo was encouraging, creative and kind. … More He helped our son understand how to differentiate the sounds he made when he spoke, and gave him great exercises to practice every week between lessons. Our son was sorry to have the lessons come to an end, but recognized that Theo had helped him as much as possible and it was time for him to stop. Theo explained to him (and us) how to keep working to get the last 5%, and encouraged him to keep working on the exercises on his own. I have recommended Theo to another parent who noticed my son's improvement and inquired for her own son.
    We are all grateful to have gotten to know Theo, and we greatly appreciate all the work he did to help our son.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Aisha Holder ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Michelle Macroy-Higgins. We are extremely pleased with her work with our daughter. I was so grateful for my daughter to have a speech therapist who is a researcher (specialty in late … More talkers), graduate professor and practitioner. Her expertise was clearly evident in our conversations and work with our daughter. She was very responsive to my questions and often sent articles and other materials about language development that I found helpful. Thankfully, my daughter's speech improved tremendously. Michelle developed such a warm relationship with my daughter. My daughter was always excited to see Michelle and would greet her at the door with a big hug. Lastly, I would add that Michelle always demonstrated empathy with me as a mother who was initially worried about her daughter's language development. I could go on and on about how pleased we were with Michelle's work."
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Peartree ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Theo is a wonderful Clinton Hill speech therapist. We were really pleased with him. Our son showed drastic improvement, not only in his speech but in his confidence.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters mario costa ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Alexa has been an enthusiastic, reliable, well prepared and caring teacher for our 6 year old daughter. She has been able to improve and increase our daughter's confidence lesson by lesson with patience and competence; through varied … More and productive didactic practice. Alexa has engaged our daughter in several activities that always kept her motivated and eager to learn literacy. My wife and I, both of us are educators, feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe Alexa's pedagogical skills. Alexa has had a big impact on our daughter literacy growth. Thank you Brooklyn Letters!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Lily Alt ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We were absolutely DELIGHTED with Marsha's services. She was wonderful. We found her to be kind, fun, engaging, very knowledgeable. She provided us with clear instructions and additional written handouts each week. She engaged our … More son with different techniques and toys, and showed us how to use her techniques when we were interacting with him. I actually just texted her on Saturday - Our son finally said "more" - one of the target words we had been working on with her. It was a total joy to hear, and I had to share it with her - she wrote back immediately to congratulate us. I am so appreciative of her expertise, and wish we could have seen her for longer. I recommended her to another family in our neighborhood who is looking for a speech therapist.

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Learning his or her ABCs is your child’s first step towards mastering reading and writing. But sometimes, teaching such an important skill can be confusing for parents. Do you start with the letter names or the letter sounds first? Is there a right way to teach a child the alphabet? Click here to read what speech-language pathologist Dr. Jan Wasowicz has to say on our blog!


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Literacy Specialists

Our Literacy Specialists work on decoding, encoding (spelling), reading comprehension, and writing skills.

The Five Pillars of Reading


Just like a house needs strong support and foundation, developing literacy skills in young learners requires the Five Pillars of Reading. Recognized by the National Reading Panel as the “best approach to reading instruction,” these pillars include:

Backed by studies and scientific research, these five pillars make up the essential building blocks of reading. And by combining these techniques, teachers and parents can effectively introduce the concept of reading and language.

Here is a closer look at how the Five Pillars of Reading work to ensure successful reading instruction:


Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding that words are built from and can be broken apart into smaller segments of a sound called phonemes. Phonemic awareness is one’s ability to hear, recognize, and manipulate sounds heard in words- think of it as the ears to brain connection. 

Phonemic awareness can be taught even before a child learns to read or identify printed letters. When babies are born, they are processing phonemes when parents speak and sing to their bundle of joy. In the English language, phonemic awareness means being able to identify its approximately 44 phonemes. Additionally, teaching letter sounds with letter names is an effective way for students to grasp the concept of phonemes.



Whereas phonemic awareness refers to one’s ability to recognize sounds or phonemes in words, phonics mastery means understanding that letters (graphemes or printed letters) of the alphabet represent sounds (phonemes)- think of it as the ears, eyes, and brain connection. A child who has mastered phonics can sound out new or unfamiliar words on their own. The child is “cracking the code” and is receiving feedback by listening to oneself sound out words. 

Teaching phonics is all about establishing the relationship between sounds and printed letters or printed letter combinations. Starting with the printed letter-sound correspondence, a child then learns how to match sounds to letters and uses this relationship to understand printed words. 



Vocabulary refers to one’s understanding of words, including their definitions and context. Vocabulary is broken up into oral (speaking), understanding (listening), and print (reading vocabulary).

Needless to say, vocabulary is crucial in strengthening reading comprehension and fluency. In most instances, poor vocabulary can limit and interrupt a child’s learning and reading experience. And while it can grow naturally from daily reading and conversations, it is just as important to explicitly teach and expand vocabulary.

Strategies in teaching vocabulary can include word mapping (graphic display of words/concept relationships), word substitutions, semantic relationships (how words are related), acting out meanings, and focusing on word structure (root words and its derivations).



Learners achieve fluency when they recognize and read words with accuracy, intonation, fluidity, and speed, whether while reading aloud or silently to oneself. Hence, fluent readers are able to read automatically without needing to pause to decode words or look up definitions.

Fluency plays a key role in comprehension and is essential in keeping young learners motivated. When children are reading fluently, it frees up mental resources to allow them to improve their comprehension of what they are reading. 

When developing reading fluency, it is crucial to provide a child with frequent oral reading opportunities and to monitor progress. This involves reading out loud while being guided and receiving feedback from an adult. It is important to provide the student with opportunities to self-correct. This combination of consistent practice and regular feedback is critical in promoting fluency.



The ultimate goal for literacy is to comprehend well what one is reading.  Reading comprehension enables a child to predict outcomes, evaluate characters, deduce, and make connections to real-world events. 

A child’s comprehension skills can begin to develop before becoming an independent reader. One way to do this is by reading to a child and discussing the story’s main idea, characters, and setting. Explicit teaching, modeling, and guided practice of comprehension skills are also crucial. This is especially true for students whose reading comprehension skills lag behind their peers.

Discover some online phonics materials for struggling readers that can help them develop the five pillars of reading.



NYS Certified Educator with Master’s in Special Education/Childhood Education & Certification in Orton-Gillingham

Megan graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Human Development/Applied Psychology, with a minor in Special Education, and with a Division I Athletic Scholarship to play softball for four years. She then received her Master’s Degree in Special Education & Childhood Education, and a NYS Teaching Certification from Fordham University. Megan received Certification in the Orton-Gillingham method to teach reading to students with reading difficulties.

Throughout Megan’s seven years of lead teaching experience, she has taught in various educational settings across Manhattan, meeting wonderfully diverse students. For three years, Megan taught in a general education setting and is experienced in the Common Core curricula while working with General Education students, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities, teaching core subjects (e.g., reading, writing, math, social studies, science) to second through fifth graders. For the last four years, Megan has been a Special Education Head Teacher at a private special education school. She is responsible for creating and implementing individualized instruction across academic domains to meet the specific needs of students with a variety of learning and physical disabilities, and learning differences including students diagnosed with autism, dyslexia, speech and language impairments, social pragmatic language disorder, ADD/ADHD, learning disorder in reading/math, dysgraphia, developmental coordination disorder, mood disorders, and students with hearing impairments. Due to the pandemic, Megan gained experience teaching remotely, as well as teaching on-ground students simultaneously with remote learners each day.

Megan believes and gratefully witnesses how all students have the potential to grow and succeed both in and out of the classroom. She understands the importance of getting to know a student as a whole, while building off a student’s strengths, honoring their developing skills or challenges, and including their interests within instruction. Megan believes using this understanding to develop an individualized program for a student, while providing a warm, comfortable and fun environment is essential in supporting a student’s academic success. Megan focuses on positive encouragement as a tool to help students develop confidence and build or continue their love for learning.

LOCATIONS: Staten Island, Manhattan; In-Person & Online
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individualized reading and writing instruction/remediation (grades pre-K through 6th), and math instruction (grades pre-K through 3rd)

EXPERTISE: Reading, writing and math instruction/intervention; Learning differences and disabilities; Orton-Gillingham approach

AGES: Pre-K through 6th Grade

Dan B.

M.S. ED., NYS Certified Childhood General And Special Education (Grades 1-6)

Dan is a dual certified special education teacher with over 17 years experience. He currently works as a SETSS Teacher at a public school in New York City. Dan believes relationship building is the cornerstone of a successful teaching practice and strives to quickly engage his students by exuding expertise and passion within his practice. In his 17 years as an educator, Dan has worked as a resource teacher, inclusive special education teacher, as well as a self contained special education teacher. Dan has experience working with a wide variety of students including those with specific reading, writing and math learning disabilities, speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, as well as issues with Executive Functioning. Through his experience as an educator, he has been able to find his own innovative, progressive approach, which allows him to tailor units, lessons and concepts to the individual learning needs and interests of his students.

Dan has worked with a multitude of students implementing multisensory reading instruction and specializes his instruction to students who have difficulties with decoding or dyslexia. He has experience in implementing the Corrective Reading Program, Wilson Fundations, Wilson Reading System, The Orton Gillingham Approach, Guided Reading Leveled Literacy, Novel Studies, Core-Knowledge and the Teachers College Readers Workshop. Dan also has a passion for teaching math and uses kinesthetic/tactile strategies to reach all learners. He has used Go-Math, NY Engage, Everyday Math from the University of Chicago and TERC Investigations. When teaching writing Dan uses a variety of approaches to engage his students which includes the Hochman Method and Word Study/Vocabulary Instruction using Words Their Way.

Dan earned a Master's Degree in Regular Education and Special Education from Touro college and holds a bachelor degree from High Point University in North Carolina. He holds professional teaching certificates for both regular and special education (grades 1-6).

LOCATION: Manhattan: All of Manhattan
TYPE OF SERVICES: Multisensory Reading Instruction, Administration and Interpretation of formal and informal Reading and Math Assessments, Math Instruction and Remediation, Executive Functioning, Study Skills, Common Core Homework Help
EXPERTISE: Working with children who have difficulty decoding (reading words correctly) including those with dyslexia, reading fluently, spelling difficulties, showing reading comprehension, expository and narrative writing instruction, grade level and remedial math instruction, homework help, common core tutoring, building executive functions.
AGES: Kindergarten through 8th Grade


Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6)
Students Remote Learning Tips Instagram Carousel 43

Kaitlyn is a childhood (Grade 1- Grade 5) special education teacher at a public school in Brooklyn. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) from The College of Staten Island. She continued at The College of Staten Island to obtain a Master’s Degree in Special Education (Grade 1- Grade 6). Kaitlyn recently completed the CITE program through The College of Saint Rose to obtain advanced certifications in School Building Leadership and School District Leadership. Kaitlyn has six years of experience working with students with diverse backgrounds. She has experience working with students with ADHD, autism, speech and language impairments, and dyslexia. She prides herself in differentiating her instruction to meet her students’ unique needs. She has experience teaching the Common Core Standards and newly adapted Next Generation Learning Standards. Kaitlyn incorporates the Wilson/Fundation program in her teaching and applies the Orton-Gillingham approach. She is currently teaching in a 4th grade ICT setting as the special education teacher and also has experience as a 1st grade special education teacher. Kaitlyn worked at A+ Academy as a 4th and 5th grade test prep teacher specializing in math instruction and summer school for the Department of Education during the summers of 2018-2019.

Kaitlyn works with a student-centered approach celebrating their accomplishments and building their self-confidence. Kaitlyn teaches with the use of manipulatives and scaffolds. She specializes in teaching test preparation skills in reading, writing, and math. Kaitlyn provides support to students with phonics instruction, decoding, developing comprehension skills using a variety of sources. She has experience using the programs Go-Math, NY Engage, Envisions, and Everyday Math. She teaches strategies for students to apply classroom learning to real life.

Kaitlyn teaches that communication is key for forming meaningful relationships with teachers, parents, and service providers in order to support student’s wellbeing and development. Every student is a success story!

LOCATION: Brooklyn: All Areas, Lower Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey

TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial Reading Evaluation, Individualized reading, writing, and math intervention, Multisensory Reading, Executive Functioning

EXPERTISE: Working with students with disabilities and building their executive functioning, improving  phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension, improving understanding of math concepts using manipulatives and real world connections

AGES: Kindergarten-6th Grade

TEST PREP: Grades 3-5 ELA and Math State Tests

Rita C., MS ED.

NY State Certified Literacy

Rita is a certified literacy specialist with a M.A. from Bank Street College of Education and a B.A. in Literature from Bard College. She has practiced assessment and tutoring in private and clinical settings. Rita has had classroom experience at Hunter Elementary School as well as in public elementary schools in Queens and Harlem. She has completed Part I of Literacy through Multisensory Teaching (LMUST), an Orton-Gillingham curriculum developed by Judith Birsh. Growing up with a dyslexic sister in a time when learning disabilities were less understood, she has personally witnessed the challenges that struggling readers and writers face. She has also had extensive music and computer experience and has worked in online news and in web design and development. Rita combines her experience in the arts, computers, and education to teach literacy skills such as decoding and comprehension strategies. She has also had success helping students prepare for the New York State ELA exams. Her students have fun following a series of short, engaging exercises while they learn the skills they need. Rita strives to help her students gain confidence by teaching them to direct their particular strengths toward the goal of becoming more independent learners and successful readers and writers.

Read testimonials here.

LOCATION: Manhattan.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Formal and informal reading assessments (phonological awareness, sound symbol association, decoding strategies, fluency, and reading comprehension, spelling); development of intervention programs to address needs.
EXPERTISE: Developing individualized and prescriptive remediation for struggling readers
AGES: Pre-school through middle school

Amy H.

New York State Certified Literacy Instructor, M.S.ed, Wilson Trained

Amy holds a NY Literacy certification as well as Orton Gillingham IMSE certification and CERI (Center For Effective Reading Instruction) certification.   She is experienced with students needing support in all levels of reading and learning delays.  Amy has extensive experience supporting pre-literacy skills as well.  She often works with families seeking kindergarten readiness and confidence in both reading and mathematics.

Amy’s training includes Handwriting Without Tears, Wilson, Wilson Fundations, Sounds Sensible and Everyday Math.

She has a warm, intuitive nature and specializes in individualizing her plan of action for each student.  She has experience teaching within private schools as a Learning Specialist and a Reading Teacher and has tutored students up to 4th grade.

LOCATION: Manhattan, including Harlem
Types of Services: Orton Gillingham individualized lessons, reading comprehension, formal and informal reading assessments, phonological awareness, decoding strategies, fluency and reading comprehension, spelling, pre-literacy, and kindergarten readiness.
EXPERTISE: Developing individualized remediation for struggling readers
AGES: Pre-school through middle school

Ann Marie O.

New York and New Jersey State Certified Reading Teacher K-12, M.S.ed, Orton-Gillingham Trained
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Ann Marie is a New York and New Jersey State Certified Reading teacher for grades K-12. She earned her M.S.ed as a Reading Teacher from CUNY Lehman College and her B.A. in English from Hunter College. She has over 20 years experience teaching reading in public schools, private schools, mental health clinics, as well as to incarcerated youths. She has worked extensively with students on the autism spectrum as well as students with extreme cognitive and emotional challenges. She is experienced and trained in many Orton-Gillingham based reading programs and methodologies and is passionate about helping students learn to the best of their abilities. Ann Marie believes that all children can learn to their fullest potential and that having a deep understanding of a child's learning profile is essential to helping them to reach their goals.

Ann Marie is experienced with many reading programs and curriculums within the public and charter school systems. With her knowledge of and experience teaching reading, she can quickly target gaps and struggles and help students overcome their challenges with reading. As a mother of two children herself in grade school and middle school, she wants what every parent wants for their kids happiness and success in school !

LOCATION: Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester
TYPES OF SERVICES: Formal and informal reading assessments, Cognitive Abilities Testing
EXPERTISE: Working with students with extreme challenges, using assessments to target weaknesses, creating individualized programs for students based on learning profiles, Data driven instruction, multi-sensory approaches
AGES: K-12

Maria D.

Learning Specialist, M.S. Ed., Bilingual, Childhood, and Special Education; Ed. M., Language and Literacy
Screen Shot 2019 08 22 at 8.32.46 AM 1

Maria has worked with a wide range of students (grades 3-12) in her nine years as a tutor and educator. She has worked with students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, expressive and receptive language difficulties, and math learning difficulties or challenges. Maria has experience using Eureka Math (EngageNY), Terc Investigations, GO! Math, OnRamp, and Saxon Math. Maria is a Wilson trained learning specialist, with experience using Orton Gillingham, Seeing Stars to remediate students with decoding and encoding difficulties, Visualizing and Verbalizing for students with comprehension difficulties, and the Hochman method for writing. Maria began her reading remediation career working with adolescent students who needed reading support and has expanded her practice since that time. Maria also has experience using the Teachers College and Reading and Writing Workshop and Leveled Literacy Intervention. All of Maria’s tutoring programs are catered to the individual student.

Maria has a Bachelors degree from Mount Holyoke College, and two Masters degrees: one from the City College of New York, in Bilingual, Childhood, and Special Education, and one from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Language and Literacy.

Maria has seven years of experience providing successful test prep services for students taking the SAT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT (all sections on all tests). She also provides support for the Regents in Living Environment, Algebra, Earth Science, US History, Global History, and English. She holds teaching licenses in Childhood Education (1-6) and Special Education (1-6; 7-12).

Michelle L.


Michelle is a learning specialist who received her Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science with minors in psychology and disabilities studies from the University of Delaware. She went on to complete her Masters in Speech and Language Pathology at Hunter College, and in 2020 she received her Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School intending to pursue Education Law in the future. During tutoring sessions, Michelle helps students develop skills from a variety of subjects including reading, math, and writing. 

Regarding reading skills, Michelle has provided in-home tutoring to assist students in developing their phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. Michelle’s approach is student-centered, and she makes a conscious effort to plan activities that align with a student’s specific interests to keep sessions engaging and enjoyable. Michelle has provided writing support to students in first grade through eighth grade, with a particular emphasis on the planning stage, and organizational strategies used in writing. She has assisted students in learning to write persuasive, narrative, and informative essays. She utilizes a process-based approach focusing on writing full texts and meaningful ideas. This approach de-emphasizes spelling, punctuation, and grammar in the initial writing stage, coming back to these constructs later in the process. 

In the area of math, Michelle has experience working with first through third-grade math curricula. She is skilled at helping students enhance their problem-solving skills, and master mathematical concepts through the use of tangible manipulatives and visual aids. She places emphasis on making sure students fully understand early mathematical concepts, rather than just completing problems in a rote manner, as early concepts are fundamental to complete more complex equations in later years.

Lastly, Michelle has experience helping students strengthen their executive functioning skills. Specifically, she has provided in-home tutoring to address adaptable thinking, helping students adjust to situations when necessary, and how to see situations from another’s perspective. She also has experience improving students’ working memory, by helping students retain and store learned information efficiently and then later put it to use.

Peter W.

Special Educator And Childhood Literacy Specialist, PRE-K 4th Grade, MS, PhD
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Peter is a special educator and childhood literacy specialist, pre-K 4th grade, the learning to read phase of literacy instruction. He holds permanent New York State certification in special education, a masters in special education from Hunter College (CUNY) and a PhD in urban education from the Graduate Center (CUNY). He has supervised pre-service elementary school teachers at the undergraduate level and taught literacy assessment and instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Peter currently contributes, edits, and reviews book chapters and articles on the history, philosophy, and sociology of education for various academic publications.

Peter is trained in the Wilson Reading System, one of the many Orton-Gillingham approaches to multi-sensory phonics instruction. He has taught in both inclusive and self-contained special education environments (K 2nd grade). He has learned through his experience that multi-sensory phonics instruction braided with robust comprehension modalities is the sine qua non of childhood literacy instruction. Phonics and comprehension are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they must be coupled for effective assessment and instruction.

Peter also has an arts background. He has a BA in dramatic literature from NYU and was trained as an actor and musician (electric bass). He has taught arts in education courses at the undergraduate level. He likes to think that he brings a certain amount of creativity to his work that is rooted in a pedagogy of compassion and open-heartedness.

LOCATION: Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens available Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, all day to 10 pm.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Pre-K 4th grade Orton-Gillingham and qualitative (comprehension) literacy assessment and instruction tailored to a student's individual needs; implementing IEPs; providing test prep for the New York State ELA exam, K 4th grade.
EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham-based literacy assessment and instruction (decoding and encoding) and all that it entails beginning with phonemic awareness and ending with fluency; literacy assessment and instruction for comprehension, for example, the Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) and reciprocal teaching, respectively. Peter has experience writing and implementing IEPs and using the ELA Common Core as a guide for instruction.
AGES: Pre-K 4th grade, ages 4 through 10 or 11.


B.S. Occupational Therapy

Maddie received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and is currently a full-time graduate Occupational Therapy student at New York University. She plans on specializing in pediatrics after graduation next winter. Prior to graduate school, Maddie was the Office Manager of a pediatric clinic offering Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy services. Maddie spent a lot of time working with the Department of Education and learning how to navigate specialized services for children in New York City. While working at the clinic, she was fortunate enough to take the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR) course and obtain the introductory certificate.

Maddie has over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages. She strongly believes in play-based learning and feels as though this helps with motivating a child to learn. Maddie encourages movement before and during sessions to help stimulate the child throughout and to keep them engaged. Typical handwriting sessions may begin with a game, such as a tic tac toe, jumping jacks, or something else that interests the child. Depending on the focus of the session they may do worksheets together or handwrite scenes of their favorite books. Alternatively, the child may practice writing on a large piece of paper taped to the wall in order to help with hand positioning. Sometimes in order to inspire creative learning, Maddie may use playdough, spaghetti, or other foods to work on letter formation. Overall, her biggest priority is individualizing each session for each child. Maddie is very dedicated to making learning fun and effective!

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens
Manhattan: West Village, Greenwich Village, East Village, Chelsea, Tribeca, Midtown (east/west), Upper East/West Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Handwriting Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, Spelling Tutoring, Reading Comprehension Assistance, Math Tutoring
EXPERTISE: Attention, behavioral, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, emotional disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Developmental Disabilities & Delays
AGES: Birth through 18 years of age


BA in English and History, MA in Teaching, MA in Liberal Studies

Stephen holds a New York State Social Studies teaching license for grades 1-12 as well as a New York City Department of Education Common Branch license for grades 7-12. He earned a BA in English and History from Marquette University, an MA in Teaching from Teachers College at Columbia University, and an MA in Liberal Studies from the City University of New York Graduate Center. 

Since 2003, Stephen has taught middle and high school social studies and film electives at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS). Another core role for Stephen is as an advisory teacher for a “crew” of high school students, serving as a mentor and guide through their 4-year journey, for social-emotional learning and scholarly development, as well as college counseling and active application engagement in junior/seniors years. At BCS, Stephen has run “reading buddy” programs pairing middle school and Brooklyn New School elementary school students.

Stephen has years of classroom experience working with students of varying abilities, including those with IEPs, in general, education classes, and as a co-teacher in Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) classes. Stephen also works with the NYC Department of Education on the after-school Home Instruction Corps, providing in-person and virtual learning for individual students who have been granted home instruction due to physical and/or social-emotional injuries and conditions. During the unusual 2020-21 school year, Stephen taught student participants of Camp Power’s virtual tutoring program. For many years, from 1996-2012, Stephen worked as a supervisor, enrichment teacher, and counselor for Project Reach Youth’s after-school and summer academic and recreational programs. He is also a certified Red Cross first responder for physical and emotional trauma.

Stephen is trained in the Wilson literacy method, Running Records, the Reading and Writing Project of Teachers College at Columbia University, Restorative Justice in the Schools, and Expeditionary Learning Teachers’ Toolkit.

As a teacher and tutor, Stephen’s bedrock strategy has been to begin with the idea that every student is someone’s child, possessing special gifts, worthy of care, great kindness, humor, and level-headed expectations to help them learn, grow, and make progress as students and fellow citizens. Stephen strives to know his learners well and engage/heighten their language level through instruction and discussion and, always, praise. He spends his free time doing charity work and enjoying the city with his wife.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Park Slope; downtown, Ft Greene; Kensington; Bk Heights
Manhattan: anywhere on the island
TYPE OF SERVICES: reading acuity; math skills; social studies, science enrichment
EXPERTISE: language improvement; math spiral
Skills, grades 1-6
AGES: 6-11

Rachel G.

M.S.Ed. in Literacy Education, Teacher
Rachel G

Rachel is a New York State licensed teacher, with a dual certification in early childhood and childhood education. She earned her Masters of Education in Literacy at SUNY Oneonta and holds a Bachelor of Science from SUNY Cortland. 

Rachel is a tenured teacher and has been teaching for the Department of Education for five years. Rachel currently teaches in an ICT first-grade classroom and has previously taught kindergarten as well. She has worked with diverse groups of students, working to meet the needs of English language learners, students diagnosed with learning disabilities, and general education students. Rachel is responsible for creating and implementing individualized instruction across academic domains to meet the specific needs of students with a variety of learning and physical disabilities.

She uses multisensory-based teaching methods to teach phonics, reading, writing, and math to her first graders. Rachel believes in an explicit approach to teaching students to read using tools such as decodable texts, play-doh, sound boxes, and magnet chips. This means that students first learn to decode words by moving counters or playdoh for the sounds they hear. Once they are able to break down sounds, they can then read an unknown word. Through this work, she has helped students with dyslexia, ADHD, speech and language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other reading disabilities learn to read. In math, this approach includes using manipulatives such as cubes, counters, and playdoh to make learning hands-on. Students are able to see the math problem “come to life.” She has experience working with students one on one both at home and remotely, working with students to build their skills and also confidence in themselves.

Rachel believes that all students are able to learn and it is up to the teacher to modify the curriculum to meet the needs of the student. Just as important as academic content, is the child’s social-emotional needs. Rachel works to develop a relationship with each of her students, ensuring they feel comfortable learning with her and proud of their successes. 

LOCATION: Manhattan, In-person and online
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual and group instruction in reading, writing, phonics, math instruction (levels: pre-k through second grade)
EXPERTISE: phonics and reading intervention, Wiley Blevins/ Science of Reading-based approach
AGES: pre-k through elementary school

Tamara C.

M.A. in Secondary Education English Teacher Specialization
Tamara C.

Tamara is a veteran early childhood educator with over 25 years of experience in the field. She holds an MST and MsEd from Fordham University, an MBA, and an Ed.D from Johns Hopkins University where she researched the impact adults have on children’s social/emotional development.

Tamara taught kindergarten for over 10 years, with experience in Pre-K, and first grade. She has also worked one-on-one with students from 2 to 20 years old in all areas of literacy acquisition, including phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, fluency and comprehension. She has been trained in Wilson, Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell, the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, Reading Rescue and Reading Recovery and is currently the Associate Director of Professional Learning for Reading Rescue.

Tamara’s methods of instruction focus on the reading science through a multisensory approach to instruction, as well as on the fun. She prides herself on students LOVING her sessions. She works with students on not only their literacy skills, but also focusing on their self-esteem and comfort level so they are prepared to take their learning back to their classrooms.  She has experience working with students with various needs including ADHD, autism, anxiety, behavior disorders, and dyslexia.

In addition to literacy support, Tamara provides test prep, executive functioning skills coaching, as well as study skills.
LOCATION: Brooklyn: Downtown Brooklyn, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights; Manhattan: Upper West Side, Midtown West, Chelsea, The Village, Financial District;  Staten Island; Bronx; New Jersey: Bergen and Hudson counties
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized reading instruction, test prep, executive functioning, study skills, parent consultation and coaching
EXPERTISE: Early childhood education, special education, early literacy acquisition, social/emotional development
AGES: birth through elementary school

Jurga C.

Special Education Teacher, Certified Orton-Gillingham Literacy Specialist

Jurga is an early childhood special education teacher. She has been teaching since 2009 as a SEIT, an Early Intervention teacher, reading specialist, special education teacher in an ICT classroom, as well as a teacher in a self-contained special education classroom. She is experienced to work with students from kindergarten through middle school. Jurga has completed the Orton-Gillingham training, practicum, and certification through Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE). She has extensive knowledge of Wilson Fundations, Eureka Math, Go Math, and Teachers College’s reading and writing curriculum. Jurga has experience working with students with speech and language disabilities, autism, ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, dyscalculia, and learning disabilities. Jurga’s knowledge of a variety of approaches helps her find the right activities for each student. She works at the student’s functional level and progresses in sequential order from basic to more complex skills. Jurga loves to use literacy or math games whenever possible to make learning fun.

LOCATION: Bronx, Riverdale, Upper and Midtown Manhattan, Northern New Jersey
TYPE OF SERVICE: Initial reading assessment, phonics, phonemic awareness, blending, syllabication, reading comprehension, fluency, math intervention
EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham, Eureka Math, Fountas & Pinnell, Teachers College Reading, and writing

Remy S.

M.S., Orton-Gillingham Literacy Specialist
Remy S.

Remy is a professionally certified Special Education Teacher (Birth-Grade 6) and Reading Specialist with over 10 years of experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Manhattanville College and a master’s degree from The College of New Rochelle. Remy is trained in Orton Gillingham. Additionally, she is trained in PAF, Fundations, and Fountas and Pinnell.

Remy currently resides in Manhattan where she works as a private SEIT and Reading Specialist for families throughout the UES. In her 10 + years of experience as an educator, Remy has had the opportunity to work as an AIS Teacher, Resource Room Teacher, SETSS Teacher, and a Special Education Teacher in an ABA center-based program affiliated with Teacher’s College. Due to her diverse professional experience, Remy possesses a strong background in working with students with learning disabilities, speech and language delays, ADD/ADHD as well as autism, emotional/behavior disorders, and processing difficulties. In addition to her experience working with a diverse range of learners, Remy has also received 1500 hours of supervision under a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She has experience creating behavior intervention plans, coaching parents and teachers on behavior management strategies, and utilizing positive behavioral interventions. Given her extensive experience in special education, she is able to effectively differentiate/modify instruction, provide various scaffolds to assist students, and utilize positive reinforcement strategies to help students stay on task throughout instruction.

Remy is truly committed to helping each of her students reach their full potential by providing them with the tools that they need in order to become confident, independent and successful learners. She believes that in order to create an effective learning environment, instruction must be tailored to the individual learning needs of each student based on their learning styles and interests. In order to accomplish this, her programming focuses on a highly individualized and student-centered based approach. Her ultimate goal for each of her students is to foster a love for learning and to have them embrace their unique abilities as learners.

LOCATION: Upper East Side
TYPES OF SERVICES: Orton Gillingham, reading comprehension, decoding, encoding, fluency, phonemic/phonological awareness, sight word recognition, writing, early math skills.
EXPERTISE: Students with disabilities, reading comprehension, decoding, fluency, phonological intervention.
AGES: Grade Pre-K- 4th grade

Betsy S.

M.S. Education

Betsy is a first-grade teacher at Purchase Elementary School in the Harrison Central School District. She previously taught at a private school on the Upper West Side for nine years. She received her Master’s Degree in General Education from Hunter College for first through sixth grades. Betsy has a passion for teaching math and reading to first through third-graders, including those who are advanced and those who need support to learn these fundamental skills.

Betsy had taught through an inquiry-based curriculum and the Common Core curriculum. She loves to see her students take ownership of their math and literacy learning. She uses a variety of strategies through personalized instruction to meet the needs of her students. She believes in a game-based, hands-on, multi-sensory approach to mastering mathematical concepts. Her areas of expertise are helping students learn a number sense, building strategies to solve math word problems, and understanding math concepts (connecting abstract to concrete). She teaches using the Singapore Math curriculum and is trained in EveryMath, Exemplars, Mathletics, and Matific.

Betsy is also passionate about reading and believes in the importance of building students’ confidence at the elementary level. She has experience in the Teachers College Reading Workshop and Fountas and Pinnel reading programs. She loves to find ways to spark reading in young children and scaffold and develop reading strategies to support them in acquiring underlying literacy skills.

Location: Westchester
Type of Services: Initial reading and math assessments, individualized reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling and math intervention, and instruction.
Expertise: Homework help, spelling difficulties, reading comprehension, expository and narrative writing instruction
Ages: elementary school

Tara N.

M.S.T. Early Childhood and Childhood Education, NY and NJ State Certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6), Orton Gillingham Certified Teacher
Tara M.S.T. Early Childhood and Childhood Education

Tara N. is a New York and New Jersey state-certified teacher in Childhood Education (1-6) and Special Education. Tara attended Fordham University, where she obtained her M.S.T. in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. In addition, she is fully certified in Teaching Students with Disabilities from grades 1-6 in New York and New Jersey. Tara recently earned her Orton Gillingham Teacher Certification (multi-sensory approach for struggling readers/writers) from Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

Tara began her teaching career in a charter school for students with Autism. After that, she worked in the New York City Department of Education as an ICT kindergarten, ICT first grade, and self-contained special education teacher. She also spent time working at another charter school as a learning specialist for fourth-grade students with learning disabilities. 

She has experience working with children with reading challenges, such as dyslexia, processing delays, comprehension challenges, and speech and language impairments. For the past two years, Tara has been working with students from fourth grade through tenth grade. She currently works as a reading teacher at a private school that specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities. 

Tara differentiates for each of her students using multi-sensory lessons that help students struggling with decoding/encoding, and reading comprehension. She focuses her reading pedagogy on teaching background knowledge, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, fluency, letter/sound identification, blending sounds, reading comprehension skills, and writing. 

Her lessons are based on Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory Teaching methods as well as concepts that she learned over the years from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Fountas and Pinnell, Common Core, Leveled Literacy Instruction, and Wilson Fundations curriculums. 

Tara is kind, dedicated, approachable, and focused on building rapport with students. She treats each child with care and as an individual, while also having fun. She is certain that she will help your child grow in any area of need.

LOCATIONS: Manhattan: Upper West Side, Midtown, Tribeca
New Jersey: North and Central New Jersey
TYPES OF SERVICES:  Individualized Orton Gillingham lessons in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling), guided reading, fluency, reading comprehension, writing
Expertise: Working with students who need a direct, multisensory approach to decoding, encoding, and improving comprehension skills
Ages: first through seventh grade


B.S. Majored in Interdisciplinary Health Services and minored in both Autism Behavioral Studies and Health Care Ethics

Evelyn received her Bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where she majored in Interdisciplinary Health Services and minored in both Autism Behavioral Studies and Health Care Ethics. Currently, she is working towards her master’s in occupational therapy from New York University. During her years as an undergrad, as well as during her gap year after undergrad, Evelyn worked with both children and adults on the autism spectrum in various settings and was trained in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Her expertise is with individuals of all ages who have ASD, ADHD, ADD, and Executive Functioning disorders. She also has experience tutoring typically developing children in Pre-K and 5th grade in reading, writing, and math.

Evelyn’s philosophy as an educator is to keep her students motivated to learn through active engagement! Understanding the goals of her students and their parents is essential to her, as she believes that individuals thrive when they are given buy-in and understand why they are doing what they are doing. Evelyn believes that every child learns differently and understands that it is crucial to adapt learning strategies accordingly.

One of the approaches she is a proponent of is scaffolding, a method that aims to increase an individual’s independence over time. For example, when teaching a child a new lesson, she would give them the chance to think through the question first and give them the opportunity to either problem-solve or ask for help before immediately stepping in. The goal of this approach is to strengthen the child’s problem-solving abilities, self-confidence, ability to ask for help, and ultimately, independence. Additionally, she believes it is necessary to implement movement breaks and/or provide sensory-stimulating activities to prevent fatigue and to increase engagement in her students. Her ultimate goal is to motivate her students to do their best while making learning fun and enjoyable!

Location: Lower Manhattan
Type of Services: Individual tutoring sessions
Expertise: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD
Ages: Birth-Elementary



Samantha M will be graduating from NYU’s occupational therapy program in 2022. She has over 15 years of experience tutoring children of all ages varying from homework help to handwriting and reading skills. She also plans to specialize in pediatrics upon graduation. Samantha utilizes a multi-sensory approach to reading and writing skills for preschool and elementary students. Her aim is to support the child, thus, complement what the child is currently learning in school. She prioritizes homework assignments given by teachers, but may also use her own worksheets and tools to determine which specific areas the child needs to work on in order to succeed.

Samantha makes it a priority to target the specific interests of the students to keep them attentive and engaged in her sessions. She believes in a play-based model which includes movement breaks for the child throughout the session. She also makes use of sound charts combining fine motor activities with phonics and sight words to work on reading skills. For writing skills, Samantha uses the Handwriting Without Tears approach to model the order in which children learn to write in school to further facilitate the learning process. This approach emphasizes learning capital letters before lower case letters while incorporating fun sayings as strategies for the child. These help with remembering letter placement for “diver letters” such as p and q as well as letter formation. She practices these strategies with the child by making use of interactive worksheets that incorporate repetition of each letter. Samantha looks at all factors relating to handwriting performance and will emphasize proper body mechanics during her sessions. Samantha’s aim is for the child to confidently succeed in his or her schoolwork by participating in activities they enjoy which target specific intervention areas.

LOCATION: Queens: Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens
All of Manhattan
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual and Group Sessions Focused on Handwriting Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, Spelling Tutoring, Reading Comprehension Assistance
EXPERTISE: Developmental Delays, Behavioral, ADHD, ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, Executive Functioning Skills
AGES: Early Childhood through Elementary School



Elizabeth graduated from Marist College with a bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education & Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6) as well as she earned a master’s degree from Touro University in Childhood Education & Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6). Elizabeth is also a member of both the International Honor Society in Education and Psychology. Elizabeth spent the first part of her career as a Special Education teacher within schools across New York City. She also mentored new teachers, served as a grade-level team leader, and led several professional development training sessions for teachers and families. She is currently an Assistant Principal at the elementary level where she works with students to cultivate their love of learning while building their self-confidence as they work to meet their individualized goals.

Elizabeth is a literacy and math instructor with years of experience in mentoring as well as tutoring children from diverse backgrounds with various needs. Specifically, Elizabeth’s instructional expertise includes phonics, phonological awareness, decoding, spelling, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, as well as elementary math. She has experience implementing Wilson Fundations, Success For All (SFA), and Guided Reading Leveled Literacy. All programs follow a multisensory approach that promotes reading, writing, and oral language development. Elizabeth has a passion for math and uses a tactile approach in order to meet the needs of every child. She has experience implementing TERC Investigations, Go-Math, and EngageNY. Elizabeth will design individualized lessons to meet the needs of every learner, therefore, maximizing student outcomes. She uses various instructional tools such as math manipulatives to technological resources which all facilitate academic achievement. Not only does she value her work with her students, but she also values her partnerships with their families as well. Elizabeth will work together with the families and provide them with strategies to use at home to support their child.

Location: Brooklyn, Manhattan, QueensTypes of Services: Multisensory Reading Instruction, Multisensory Math Instruction, Formal and Informal Reading Assessments, and Interventions, Behavioral Interventions
Expertise: Working with children with specific reading, writing, and math learning disabilities, working with children with ADD and ADHD, NYS Exam preparation, NYS common core tutoring.


Master’s in Special Education, New York State certifications in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6

Derycka has a master’s in Special Education from Grand Canyon University and pursing a PHD in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education. She has New York State certifications in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6. Derycka has been teaching and tutoring for nine years in many different instructional capacities including a first-grade self-contained classroom, a kindergarten to 2nd grade integrated co-teaching classroom (ICT), and general education classrooms. Currently, Derycka is a 2nd grade ICT teacher in a New York City Charter School in the Bronx.

Derycka has taught students using a multitude of literacy and mathematics programs including Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, Bridges Mathematics, Ready Gen, Go Math, and the Engage NY ELA and Math modules. She has extensive literacy experience using Orton-Gillingham, Read Works, Wilson and Fundations for supplemental ELA intervention. Additionally, she has experience with integrated instructional technology programs such as Lexia, Dream Box, Epic, and I-Ready into his daily small group and individualized classroom instruction.

Derycka has a strong understanding of how to support children with special needs through her work with parents and other special education teachers. Her experience includes advising parents on appropriate services for their children, leading workshops for general education and special education teachers focused on differentiating instruction in the classroom, and presenting workshops for parents on reading comprehension and literacy strategies which provided a plethora of strategies to support their children at home.

Derycka is also a literacy curriculum specialist where she designs, organizes, and develops specialized instructional materials for 2nd grade scholars. Her administrative work enhances scholars’ ELA critical and inferential thinking skills. Derycka is committed and will continue to support students and their academic growth.

Location: Bronx, Westchester, Connecticut


M.S. Education
Jenna Masters Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology

Jenna is a certified educator with over ten years of experience working with students in Grades 1-6. She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology. She also has her Students with Disabilities certification in New York. Jenna has training and experience working with students with Autism, behavior management, and teaching students with learning differences. Her experience helps her understand the best ways to address students’ specific needs.


Jenna has experience in Manhattan providing one-to-one instruction and small group instruction, as well as SEIT work in various schools. She has worked with children with a diverse range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, speech/language delays, and other learning differences. She focuses on creating a personalized and supportive relationship with each student while targeting their specific needs and goals. She identifies what motivates each child and uses reinforcers and breaks throughout her sessions to maintain engagement and focus.

Jenna is skilled in providing literacy support, as well as helping with math concepts and problem-solving. She uses a variety of approaches and modifications based on the student’s learning styles to help them tackle these commonly challenging content areas. Jenna provides multi-sensory math support through the use of tactile methods including using manipulatives and visual aids to represent numerical values. This helps support math skills such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Jenna also uses various multisensory and interactive techniques to help improve literacy skills such as reading fluency, reading comprehension, sight word recognition, decoding, and spelling. To teach sight words and spelling, Jenna uses a “read it, build it, write it” technique, as well as air writing, word recognition games, and focus on segmenting and blending to help the students connect in various ways to what the words they are learning. To support reading comprehension skills, Jenna encourages the student to create pictures in their head or visualizations as they read, use context clues, and locate keywords to help them understand the text. Jenna evaluates each student to see what strategies would work best and ways to modify the learning to best support the child.

Executive functioning skills can be difficult for many students and can impact their academic success, as well as their ability to build strong social relationships. Jenna helps students strengthen these skills by focusing on organizational skills, planning, time management, self-control, flexibility, attention, and working memory. Some techniques used to improve these areas are creating schedules to set expectations, teaching and practicing routines, using timers, playing games and songs to improve memory and recall, and using reinforcers and breaks to help improve impulse control and self-regulation. For improvement with working memory deficits, students are shown how to use notes, lists, and other visuals to help them retain and store learned information and use it in other areas. To help build social skills, Jenna uses social stories to demonstrate different conversation starters and appropriate topics when in a social setting. Modeling, role-playing, and videos are also used to help students gain confidence to improve their social relationships.

LOCATION: (In-person and remote) Manhattan: Upper East Side, Midtown, Chelsea, Gramercy, Greenwich Village.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized literacy instruction, math problem-solving skills, homework help, executive functioning skills, and building social skills.
EXPERTISE: Working one-to-one with students with learning differences in all content areas.
AGES: Grades 1-6


BA in Psychology and a minor in American Sign Language and Music
Students Remote Learning Tips Instagram Carousel 46

Ruby is an educator and tutor who graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA in Psychology and a minor in American Sign Language and Music. She has worked with students with disabilities for ten years in a variety of settings. Currently, she is a Focus Teacher at Winston Preparatory School for students who have learning disabilities. She works one to one with students in grades 4-12 in a skill-based program individualized for each student. She has experience supporting students with receptive and expressive language disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, executive functioning issues, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, ADHD, processing disorders and anxiety disorders.

For reading intervention, she is trained in the Orton Gillingham Classroom Educator curriculum as well as Wilson Fundations and Fountas and Pinnell. Ruby’s individualized and creative approach accounts for her student’s interests in order to tailor her teaching. She uses multi-sensory lessons that help students struggling with decoding/encoding, and reading comprehension. She focuses her teaching on phonemic awareness, fluency, letter/sound identification, blending sounds, reading comprehension skills, and writing. Her strategies include using hands-on materials, movement, and music to create a warm and fun learning environment.

Additionally, Ruby works with students to develop their executive functioning and social pragmatic skills. She uses Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking curriculum to increase her students’ self-awareness. Her training in Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction help support her students with academic anxiety and behavioral struggles. To practice perspective-taking and flexible thinking, she includes real-life scenarios for her students to act out and discuss.

Her overall goal for her students is for them to develop independence and confidence as a learner. She meets students where they are at using her humor, compassion and joyous spirit.

LOCATION: ​​Chelsea, Gramercy, West Village, Midtown, Flatiron, East Village, Murray
Hill, Greenwich Village, Williamsburg and Greenpoint
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individualized instruction in reading, decoding/encoding,
reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, organization and study skill strategies,
and social pragmatic skill building, homework support
EXPERTISE: Students with disabilities, emergent readers, decoding/encoding, reading
comprehension, homework support and social skills
AGES: K-12th


Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, MSEd in Childhood Education

Jayne graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She then completed her MSEd in Childhood Education at the College of Staten Island. Jayne is a tenured teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. She has taught in various educational settings with students of different abilities and needs for pre-kindergarten -6th grades. Currently, Jayne is teaching fourth grade in an ICT classroom in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. She has extensive experience teaching literacy and with ELA and math test preparation.

She has a strong understanding of the needs of learners with ADHD (executive functioning), dyslexia, and autism. Jayne has incorporated Ed-tech and adaptive learning tools to meet the needs of her learners. Her expertise is with grades 1-3. Jayne is trained in Columbia University Teachers College’s reading and writing curriculum. This program relies on modeling and inquiry to help students improve their reading and writing skills.

She uses multisensory-based teaching modalities to teach phonics, phonological awareness, reading, writing, and math. Her students practice decoding by tapping out the sounds they hear, followed by air writing, and finally writing the words in sand or shaving cream. Essentially guiding students as they hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes. Teaching fundamental decoding will improve word reading, text comprehension, and spelling. Jayne is also trained in the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment program that helps students work on specific strategies to improve their ability to answer direct and inferential questions in fiction and nonfiction texts. Jayne incorporates the Savvas, ¨Words Their Way¨ curriculum for phonics instruction. Each lesson provides strategies to model a word, sort and practice it, apply it while assessing learning. This program reflects students´ spelling behavior as they move from one level of word knowledge to the next. This type of differentiated instruction maximizes students’ learning opportunities. Jayne also focuses on developing students´ handwriting skills by utilizing the four main aspects of handwriting instruction (pencil grasp, formation, legibility, and pacing.) A focus on handwriting results in positive outcomes for overall literacy development.


Masters in Elementary Education
Liza scaled

Liza is a motivated, goal-oriented elementary education teacher (grades 1-6). She is currently working in a first grade classroom in a NYC Department of Education public school in Gramercy. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has 8 years of teaching experience in grades K-5. In Summer 2019 Liza spent 6 weeks teaching English overseas to 4th-6th grade students. Liza received a Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in Business and Communication from Indiana University. Liza is trained in Wilson Fundations, Guided Reading Leveled Literacy, Fountas and Pinnell, Teachers College Reading and Writing, and EngageNY Math (Eureka Math).

Throughout her career, Liza has worked with students with diverse needs including students with low English proficiency, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, speech/language impairments, autism spectrum-based behaviors and disabilities, ADD, ADHD, emotional/behavior disorders, as well as low cognitive disabilities. She specializes in working with students who need intervention in phonemic awareness, letter/sound identification, decoding/encoding, fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and math skills/concepts. Liza is a creative thinker who encourages student voice and integrates student interest into learning. Liza values meeting academic goals, while also focusing on social-emotional learning. She is trained in mindfulness and supports students in combating academic anxieties. She uses multi-sensory instruction with various kinesthetic/tactile strategies to reach all learners. She feels passionate about teaching students to advocate for themselves and be intrinsically motivated to learn. Liza prides herself on being organized, compassionate, and dedicated. She has a knack for building strong interpersonal relationships with both her students and their families. Outside of teaching Liza loves to explore new restaurants, go for runs, and pet all the dogs she sees. 

LOCATION: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, Gramercy, Flatiron, East Village, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village, and Noho.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individualized instruction in reading, decoding/encoding, reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, and math.
EXPERTISE: Early and emergent readers, reading intervention including phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, encoding, word-solving strategies, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and math skills/concepts.
AGES: K-5th Grade 

Jessica S.


Jessica is a certified Elementary (K-6) and Special Education (K-6) teacher with over 10 years experience. Jessica taught 3rd-5th grade general education for 8 years. She currently teaches Kindergarten-2nd grade reading and math in a resource center.

Jessica is a certified Orton Gillingham Instructor. Using Ortin, Jessica provides her students with individualized, multi-sensory lessons targeted to improve students’ decoding (reading), encoding (spelling), fluency, and reading comprehension. Jessica has experience teaching children all aspects of literacy, from letter identification, phonic, spelling, reading fluency, and comprehension.

Jessica has vast experience working with students who are struggling to learn to read. This includes students with learning disabilities and dyslexia, attention difficulties, and processing delays. She also works with many general education students who need extra support in their classrooms.

LOCATION: Manhattan, mostly Upper East Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Ortin Gillingham individualized lessons in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling), reading comprehension, organizational and study strategies, academic help.
EXPERTISE: Phonics, students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning, and processing issues

Marcy M.

Certified Orton-Gillingham, M. Ed. in Special Education, Certified Special Education
marcy pic 1255x1536 1

Marcy is a Reading Specialist at a school for students with dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities in Brooklyn. Marcy is certified in Orton-Gillingham and is experienced in applying the methodology to address each learner’s literacy skill deficits while continuing to build upon his or her strengths. She is passionate about structured literacy and the science of reading. She believes an explicit, systematic, and multisensory instructional approach is essential for helping readers build phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills needed for literacy success.

Marcy is certified in special education and has more than nine years of teaching and tutoring experience. She studied psychology and sociology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. She holds a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As part of her master’s program, she completed a research project titled Effects of Orton-Gillingham Strategies on Basic Reading Skills of African American Students with Disabilities. She taught elementary special education for six years in Charlotte, NC, and two years in Charlottesville, VA, before relocating to New York City.

Marcy has experience teaching reading, writing, and math with students in kindergarten through sixth grade. She has worked with students with a wide range of needs including autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, emotional/behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic impairments, speech-language impairments, and developmental delays. Marcy has implemented a wide variety of literacy and mathematics programs, including Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI), Corrective Reading, Great Leaps Fluency, Reading Mastery, Words Their Way, Writing Workshop, Expeditionary Learning, Reading A-Z, Investigations, DreamBox, and Eureka Math.

Marcy is knowledgeable about effective practices for building relationships with students and cultivating a supportive learning environment. She has been trained by CT3 in the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach. Marcy can reach and motivate learners who are feeling discouraged and helps them become increasingly comfortable being challenged and taking risks. Marcy believes in making learning as fun and engaging as possible and often incorporates games into lessons. Every success is celebrated, and her students take an active role in tracking progress toward their goals.

LOCATION: Manhattan, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope)
TYPE OF SERVICES: Administering formal and informal literacy assessments; Individualized instruction in phonological awareness, decoding/encoding (spelling), phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and writing
EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham, structured literacy, multisensory strategies, dyslexia, language-based learning disabilities
AGES: Grades K-6

Kaaren E.

Kaaren E.

Kaaren is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Therapist. She graduated from Brooklyn College with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. Kaaren holds a New York State certificate as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD), as well as a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Kaaren has provided speech, language, and learning support services for upper elementary and middle-school-aged students within the NYC Department of Education (DOE) and in private practice. She treats students with receptive and expressive language differences, delays, and other language-learning disorders, including those with various developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, reading and writing learning disabilities, and executive function difficulties. She works to help her students better access their curriculum by improving their decoding, reading comprehension, writing, and executive function skills. In supporting preteen and teen students at the middle school and high school levels to meet the Speaking, Listening and Language components of the NYS Common Core State Standards, Kaaren helps support her students at various levels. Kaaren facilitates the development of her students’ reading comprehension. She teaches her students to break down multisyllabic words and target their vocabulary learning through prefix, suffix, root-word understanding, and teaching annotation of text. She uses Dr. Anita Archer’s REWARDS Reading Program. This program is geared towards students in grades 4–12 who struggle reading long, multisyllabic words and comprehending content-area text. Furthermore, Kaaren provides instruction on writing. She models and provides guided scaffolding to teach students how to construct a wide range of sentence types. Teaching grammar and organization includes teaching basic simple (noun plus verb) sentence level, increasing to compound and complex sentences (involving appositives), and culminating in the planning, outlining execution, and editing (explicitly teaching the mechanics of writing). While working for the NYC DOE, Kaaren helped many students by incorporating Dr. Hochman’s Writing Revolution, where thinking, reading, and writing intersect. She addressed issues from capitalization and punctuation to organization, perspective-taking, and knowing what information to include/exclude when writing.

LOCATION: Brooklyn – Flatbush, Flatlands, Kensington, Marine Park, Midwood, Park Slope, Prospect Park, Manhattan – downtown locations
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group therapy (2-3 children) speech/language evaluations, parent/caretaker consultations, and training
EXPERTISE: Receptive/Expressive Language Delays and Disorders, Decoding, Phonological Awareness/Literacy development, Vocabulary Development, Oral and Written Language Development, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Fluency/Stuttering, Accent Modification, Articulation
AGES: upper elementary, preteen, through adult

Lora G.

Certified Orton-Gillingham, M. Ed. in Special Education, Certified Special Education
Lora G pic

Lora is a certified paraprofessional with over 5 years of experience working one-to-one with children with Individualized Education Plans. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Health Education and Promotion while working full-time during her undergraduate years. She is currently enrolled in New York University for her Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Lora is passionate about working with students with different neurological, behavioral, physical, cognitive, psychological and developmental disabilities. She believes that behind every amazing teacher is a supportive and knowledgeable paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals work very closely with students and give students more one-to-one assistance while the teacher is mainly focused on the class as a whole. On the job, she has worked with different students/groups every year with many different strengths and weaknesses. She has taken many courses and workshops on how to approach students who are struggling with learning disabilities. She is passionate about encouraging students by highlighting their strengths and working on their weaknesses.

As a paraprofessional, she assisted students academically and socially inside as well as outside of the classroom.

She also accompanied students to multiple Speech therapy sessions where she gained knowledge on speech therapy as well as the students she was working with. She has learned programs for literacy such as Fundations and SIPPS. She also assisted in Math programs such as GoMath and Envisions. Her main goal was to assist students and teachers to successfully complete lesson goals.

Location: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan
Types of Services: Homework help, individualized reading and writing instruction, phonic skills, math problem-solving skills, reading and math comprehension
Expertise: Working one-on-one with students of all different kinds of disabilities, improving reading, writing and math skills
Ages: Preschool-4th grade

Samantha W.

M.A. in Literacy Instruction, M.A. in Educational Leadership
Samantha W.

Samantha is an elementary special education teacher in the Department of Education in NYC. She has been teaching fourth grade for the past three years and previously taught 6th grade for four years. Samantha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science at the University of Delaware, a Master’s in Literacy Instruction at Touro College, and a Masters in Educational Leadership. She is currently in the process of applying for doctorate programs. 

Samantha is extremely knowledgeable in literacy and math instruction for grades K-6th. As a model teacher, Samantha continuously works to grow as an educator, attending relevant professional development courses. Additionally, Samantha works alongside the math and literacy coaches in her building to build a curriculum that is culturally relevant and supportive of student needs. 

Samantha has extensive experience teaching students with learning disabilities, students with ADHD, and students on the Autism spectrum. She excels in teaching students organizational habits to support their attention and focus. For example, Samantha has been working in the NYC ASD Nest program for students with Autism for the past 7 years and has been working as a Positive Behavior Support Coach for the past three years. Samantha is also an adjunct professor at Hunter College and teaches graduate courses for educators learning to work and support students on the spectrum. 

Samantha is extremely passionate, loving, and intelligent. She enjoys making learning as fun as possible and making students laugh and find pride in their education. 

LOCATION: Manhattan: Upper East Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Supporting learners with reading, writing, math, and executive functioning.
EXPERTISE: supporting students with disabilities in reading, writing, and math. Can support students with best study habits and organization.
AGES: Grades K-8th


BSFS, MAT, Certified K-6 General Elementary Education

Adam is licensed in K-6 General Elementary Education with over 11 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and tutoring students and leading schools and school systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and was an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the Relay Graduate School of Education. Adam is currently obtaining his Master of Science in Education Policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Adam currently serves as the Director of K-4 Curriculum and Assessment, managing the academic program for a network of 20 elementary schools serving 8,000 students in New York and New Jersey. He previously served as the Academic Dean for two elementary schools, and was a 4th grade general education teacher. In his current role, Adam oversees the curriculum development, instructional program, professional development, and assessment and data program for all content areas K-4. He is a nationally-recognized expert in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science content and instructional practices, leading teacher and Principal trainings across 12 cities in 8 states. Adam’s work in coaching and developing teachers and leaders has led to all 20 schools that he oversees achieving among the top 10% of schools in both New York and New Jersey on state exams.

Adam’s tutoring approach is student-centered and he believes in evaluating each child’s areas of strength and growth holistically, evaluating academics, social-emotional well-being, cultural understanding, and individual passions and interests in order to create a differentiated program of instruction. Adam works in an integrated partnership with family, therapists, doctors, and teachers to ensure the student is consistently growing and receiving a uniform program in order to achieve at the highest level. He is an expert in dozens of curriculum programs and methodologies in all content areas.

LOCATION: Manhattan: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Harlem, Manhattan Valley, Lincoln Square, Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, Hell’s Kitchen.
TYPE OF SERVICES: All Literacy and English Language Arts instruction – Phonics, Vocabulary, Close Reading, Fluency, Guided Reading, Literary and Informational Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting; Math – all grades K-6; Science, Social Studies.
EXPERTISE: Working with all types of learners, including those with additional needs, individualized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding strategies; reading fluency and comprehension instruction; writing instruction, conceptual mathematics, scientific inquiry and experimentation, social studies, extra support in all content areas, homework help, building positive study habits.


Handwriting Specialist

Raquel is a handwriting specialist who has been helping children improve their handwriting skills for over 12 years. She graduated magna cum laude from Florida International University with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in various school districts in Florida, Boston, and New York City, working with children with various needs, specializing in handwriting instruction and support. She provides services to young children and has volunteered abroad, assisting parents, educators, and healthcare practitioners in child development. Raquel is a licensed and registered occupational therapist and certified pediatric massage therapist. She is currently seeking additional certification in brain coursework with Amen clinics to understand how neurodiversity impacts individuals. She has been trained in the Handwriting Without Tears program, uses methods found in TV Teacher, and tailors her approach to each child’s needs.

Raquel helps her students express their thoughts and concepts so they can be proud of their written and typing output. She uses various multi-sensory modalities (i.e., chalk, paint, playdough, etc.) and tactile and sensory experiences to help children grasp pre-writing and writing skills in developmentally appropriate and fun ways. Taking advantage of play, by incorporating children’s individual interests, has helped many of her younger children stay focused during her sessions.  Children are encouraged to find their unique way of recalling letter formation with mantras or songs.  Exercises warm up their hand and upper body muscles, helping her students write more legibly. Varied fine motor activities also help them isolate their fingers and support pencil grasp- which are other ways to help improve handwriting. During the toddler years, she supports pre-writing and readiness activities. She focuses on creating strokes, lines, and curves that prepare them for writing and early literacy. She supports letter formation and directionality in preschool and kindergarten, which is essential for writing efficiently and consistently. Once her students write sentences, Raquel focuses on legibility and spacing between letters and words to improve their readability. As children mature, cursive may be incorporated, which may help them express their ideas with greater fluidity. Raquel teaches typing to students who find handwriting arduous and laborious.

LOCATION: Online and throughout Manhattan
TYPE OF SERVICES: Handwriting Assessments, Handwriting Tutor (pre-writing, print, and cursive), and typing.
EXPERTISE: Handwriting
AGES: Preschool through adolescence.

Claire B.

Masters of Science in Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts in English, Certification in Mindfulness and Yoga for Children

Claire is a seasoned and passionate teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. She has taught First through Third grades and has an impressive knowledge of academic standards to target instruction to meet the individual needs of learners. Claire is a Responsive Educator basing her instruction on children’s understanding of topics, interests, and inspirations. She pursues achievement through interpersonal relationships and knows that success is born out of motivation and is connected to individual student interests. She currently teaches a specialty class guiding children in grades PreK through Third grade in developing Mindfulness and Social-Emotional skills.

Claire received her Bachelor of Arts in English from East Carolina University, and graduated with honors from Pace University with a Masters of Science in Childhood Education. Most recently, Claire completed her certification in Mindfulness and Yoga for Children from the Nesheema Kids Yoga Program. This certification specializes in mindfulness in education, creative arts, and play.

Claire specializes in the Columbia’s Teachers College Workshop approach to literacy instruction with goals to raise student achievement and inspire children to become lifelong readers and writers. She has experience with the Words Their Way literacy program for phonics, vocabulary and spelling instruction. For younger children, Claire focuses on letter sounds and word study. Claire utilizes games, activities, and movement to meet the needs of phonic learners. For older children, Claire specializes in creating playful approaches to test prep to ensure progress for all types of learners. Claire believes that inspiring independence and intrinsic motivation for academic growth is the key to success.

Claire believes in a hands-on approach to mathematical instruction making concepts tangible and relatable. Her primary approach is based on a professional focus on TERC Investigations which explores problem solving where children hypothesize outcomes, test ideas, and clearly prove solutions.


  • Brooklyn- Carrolls Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Boerum Hill
  • Manhattan- Lower Manhattan, Financial District, Battery Park City, Tribeca, Hudson Square, SOHO, Greenwich Village, Union Square
  • New Jersey- Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken

Types of Services: Individual and Small Group Instruction, Literacy Coaching, Math Explorations, Phonics Development, Test prep, Mindfulness, Children’s Yoga, and Social-Emotional Development

Expertise: Responsive teaching, Literacy Development, Differentiated Instruction, Mindfulness, Children’s Yota, Social-Emotional Growth, Fostering Independence and Ownership, Forming Interpersonal Relationships

Ages: Kindergarten through Third Grade

Kim O.

M.A.  Early Childhood Special Education
Kim O.

Kim loved the stories about Helen Keller as she was growing up and always knew that she wanted to help children. While she lived in Breckenridge, CO she helped people use sit-ski’s or tethers to enjoy the sport as much as she did. 

Kim received her Master’s degree from Columbia University in Early Childhood Special Education, and then taught at Rusk Hospital for 5 years as a teacher of one and two year old classrooms. At Rusk, she was involved in many research groups, including one that brought sensory integration techniques to the forefront.

Kim specializes in working with children, aged 6 months to 8 years, who are medically fragile, have neurological issues, sensory integration, ADHD, vision therapy and general developmental delays. She is trained in: Brain Gym, Sensory Integration, Stanley Greenspan Floortime techniques, Therapeutic Listening, Feeding therapy, Handwriting without Tears, Social Thinking and Orton Gilllingham.

Kim focuses on basic building blocks to enrich nutrition, vision and sleep patterns. She concentrates on self-esteem and works closely with the needs of families so goals can be incorporated into the daily routine. Parent Training is an integral part of her work.

Kim works one-on-one with children in the office, home or school. She also works closely to help schools assess their environment. Her dog, Hugz, is also therapy trained and her assistant.


Licensed Special Education Teacher (Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6)

Chris is a licensed (Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6) special education teacher in a 1st grade ICT classroom in a public school in Brooklyn. He received both his bachelor’s degree in special education and his master’s degree in reading education from Boston University.

Chris has experience teaching in various educational settings and working with a wide variety of children both with and without disabilities. He has worked with students with learning disabilities, processing delays, ADD/ADHD, speech/language impairments, as well as students on the Autism spectrum. Using informal and formal assessment to collect data and learn more about students’ individual needs, Chris is able to create goals for students that they will work towards together during each tutoring session. He has a deep understanding of how literacy skills develop in young children and has an extensive toolbox of strategies to reach students based on their individual learning style. Chris uses a multi-sensory approach (i.e. play-doh, sand writing, air writing, magnetic letter tiles) to build up students’ phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and sight word knowledge. He uses expert questioning and discussion strategies to help students develop their comprehension skills. Chris is also able to support and guide students with their writing by focusing on essential skills such as handwriting, spelling, punctuation, and elaboration techniques in both narrative and informational writing.  Chris has experience with using Wilson Fundations, Wilson Learning System, Guided Reading, and Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop.

Chris is warm, caring, playful, and positive. He believes that motivation, engagement, and fun is key to helping students progress as learners, and individualizes his instruction to meet students’ interests and to target their specific strengths and needs.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Park Slope, Borough Park, Kensington, Flatbush, Midwood, Red Hook, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint.
Manhattan: Lower East Side, Soho, West Village, Greenwich Village, East Village, Chelsea, Tribeca, Midtown (east/west), Upper East/West Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Multisensory reading and writing instruction, phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary
EXPERTISE: Improving phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, writing skills, handwriting, and homework help
AGES: Kindergarten through 2nd grade


New York State certified teacher, Professional level certificates in both Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities, Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Master’s degree in Special Education
IMG 9829

Shannon is a New York State certified teacher and holds Professional level certificates in both Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities. Shannon attended Elon University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and earned her master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Shannon has 10+ years of teaching experience teaching in the Boston Public School system and in New York City Public Schools. She has served as both the general education and special education teacher.

As a special education teacher, Shannon is well-versed at reading, writing and implementing students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). She is skilled at assessing her students and knows how to meet them at their current ability level through modifying material and providing appropriate accommodations. Shannon then carefully scaffolds the instruction so that each student ultimately reaches his/her learning goals.

Having taught in the primary grades (K-2 nd ) for the majority of her career, Shannon has developed a passion for teaching reading. She focuses her instruction on both phonics/decoding skills as well as comprehension. Shannon is trained in Wilson Fundations and has experience teaching Sounds in Motion, Project Read, Teacher’s College Reading and Pearson’s Reading Street. She uses the Fountas and Pinnell level reading program to gauge students’ ability levels and has experience using the TRC and DIBELS reading assessments. Shannon is able to pull from her experiences with a variety of programs to differentiate instruction. She concentrates on phonological awareness, letter/sound identification, sight word reading and reading fluency. Shannon also works on comprehension through building background knowledge and developing vocabulary. She guides students to formulate questions, and to make predictions and inferences about the text as a way of monitoring their own understanding.

Shannon has experience teaching writing in a variety of genres (personal stories, expository nonfiction, poetry) using the Lucy’s Calkin’s Writing Workshop model. She works with students to enhance their voice and style while also working to improve their grammar and writing stamina. Shannon is trained in the TERC Investigations’ math program. Shannon appreciates the program’s emphasis on students exploring and engaging with the mathematics to construct their own solution strategies. She encourages students to explain their reasoning in order to deepen their understanding of math concepts. Through the use of manipulatives, drawings, and visualizations, Shannon helps students make abstract math problems more concrete. She brings story problems to life by connecting them to real life and breaks multi-step problems into manageable components.

Shannon is excited to help students learn through fun and engaging lessons and wants students to feel proud of themselves.

LOCATION: Westchester County – Edgemont, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, and the Rivertowns
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individualized instruction for Reading (comprehension, phonics, fluency), Math and Writing, as well as homework and organizational skill help.
EXPERTISE: Working with students with learning disabilities, helping students reach IEP and other learning goals in Reading, Writing and Math
AGES: PreK-5th grade

Nicole K.

Elementary School Teacher, Master’s in Special Education and General Education (1-6)
Nicole K

Nicole is an elementary school teacher within the charter network of NYC. Her education includes a Master’s in Special Education and General Education (1-6) from Touro University. 

Nicole has been working within the charter network of NYC for the past four years with experience in grades 1 and 4 along with experience teaching in ICT classrooms. In the ICT classroom setting she has worked with students with ADHD, autism, and speech and language impairments. She works hard to meet the individual needs of all her students while building upon and celebrating their strengths.

Nicole uses informal and formal assessments to collect data and learn more about each students’ individual needs then creates goals for students to work towards during tutoring sessions. She can support students with phonics, decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension using a variety of resources including Wilson/Fundations programs and Fountas & Pinnell.

Nicole has experience teaching math through Context of Learning, a math program designed to teach the Common Core Standards within the context of students’ lives, creating a hands-on, stimulating learning environment. Nicole meets the needs of each individual student and celebrates their strengths and growth. 

Nicole believes in making learning fun to help students on their journey to love learning. Nicole enjoys introducing math games and using visual aids to spark joy. Using technology can help broaden perspectives and give students new ways to engage. Nicole believes it is important for students to get involved and answer questions and help with hands-on demonstrations. She enjoys using interactive lessons including modern teaching methods like inquiry-based learning that allows students to follow their own interests and passions. 

LOCATION: Manhattan
TYPE OF SERVICES:Private Tutoring
EXPERTISE: General Education grades (1-6)
AGES: Grades 1-6

Lindsay K.

M.S. Elementary Education, Certificate in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)
Lindsay Headshot 1

Lindsay is a certified teacher with nine years of experience teaching in preschool and elementary classrooms (kindergarten – fifth grade) in NYC public and independent schools. She has worked in both general education and integrated co-teaching (ICT) classrooms. Lindsay also served as a Senior Program Manager supporting over 100 educators at 18 NYC public schools in implementing a literacy intervention program for struggling first and second grade readers. She has extensive experience working one-on-one with students in all areas of literacy acquisition, including phonics, fluency and reading comprehension. She teaches with the use of manipulatives like Elkonin (sound) boxes and uses a multisensory approach to make learning more accessible and engaging for students. With mathematics instruction, she begins by using concrete manipulatives to teach mathematical concepts. She then transitions students through representational (pictorial) instruction until they are ready to work with numbers and algorithms at the abstract level.

Lindsay graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and American Studies. She completed a Masters in Elementary Education from the Relay Graduate School of Education and holds a Certificate in Childhood Education (grades 1-6).

Lindsay currently works as a STEAM Teacher/Technology Integrator at an independent school in Manhattan. She leads STEAM instruction in grades 2-5 and works with students on inquiry-based interdisciplinary projects that involve science, technology, engineering, art and/or mathematics. She also supports teachers in integrating technology and makerspace tools and resources across the curriculum. 

Lindsay has a student-centered approach to education and focuses on building meaningful relationships with her students so that they feel comfortable in the learning environment. She consistently celebrates students’ growth and successes and builds their confidence as learners. 

Locations: All of Manhattan, Southern Connecticut (Stamford, Greenwich, Darien)
Grades: PreK – 5th Grade
Types of Services: Individualized reading and math instruction and remediation, support with homework, test prep for ELA and Math State Tests
Curriculum & Assessment Programs:

  • ELA – Reading Rescue, Wilson’s Fundations, Words Their Way, Fountas and Pinnell, DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
  • Math – EngageNY, enVision, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI)