Manhattan Literacy rates

  • $140-$175 Per Hour

**Dr. Annalisa charges $200 per hour.



In-home and at-school Manhattan private pay literacy tutoring for school-aged students. We work with students, of all ages, in private and public schools teaching decoding, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills.

We travel to: Battery Park City, Central Midtown, Chelsea, Chinatown, Clinton Hill, East Village, Financial District, Flatiron District, Garment District, Gramercy Park, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Square, Kips Bay, Little Italy, Lower East Side, Midtown, Murray Hill, SOHO, Sutton Place, Theatre District, Times Square, TriBeCa, Turtle Bay, Union Square, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village



Shelley is a New York dual licensed Elementary Education (Pre K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-6)/Special Education teacher (K-12), earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Buffalo State College and a Masters of Science from Adelphi University. In addition, she is a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner (W.D.P). Shelley found her love for teaching by becoming involved in Special Education since an early age, working as a camp counselor in Special Ed camps, and subsequently has taught special needs children and children with reading difficulties, e.g. dyslexia, in various school settings around the country, including self-contained classrooms for elementary grades, resource room for grades K-5, and reading instruction grades 6 through 12. She has also tutored reading at children’s homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

Shelley achieved Certified Wilson Instructor status (very few have obtained this status in NYC), including being trained in the Wilson Fundations Program; a phonics-based program for young children (K-3), and supported teachers using this program. Additionally Shelley trained other teachers in the Wilson Reading Program at a K-12 Special Education school, the Child School, located on Roosevelt Island.

*May ask for additional money to cover her tolls and her parking to cover these out-of-pocket expenses*

The Wilson Reading System directly and systematically teaches students to achieve success in reading. Unlike traditional phonics programs, Wilson Reading instruction is very interactive and multi-sensory, thus teaching total word construction and not just phonics. Students learn to encode (spell) and they learn to decode (take words apart) as part of their reading process. Evidence shows that when a direct systematic, code-based instruction is skillfully implemented by a Wilson Reading knowledgeable teacher, it is the most effective approach for problem readers. This system is based on the multi-sensory language techniques and principals first described by Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham (Orton Gillingham philosophy)

Shelley excels at changing the lives of children that have difficulty in reading by allowing them to see how being a better reader can affect many areas of their lives especially in education. Shelley utilizes her skills to collaborate with teachers, therapists and parents in order to maximize the achievements of students in their educational and emotional needs. Shelley really knows how to make learning to read fun and exciting while showing her students all the possibilities available to them when they learn to appreciate the world of reading.

Read more about her reviews

LOCATION: ManhattanBrooklyn, Queens, and Long Island (she resides in Forest Hills).
TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading evaluation and reading intervention.
EXPERTISE: Working with children who have difficulty with decoding (deciphering letters when reading), reading fluency, reading comprehension, and/or encoding (spelling) issues, including working with students with dyslexia.
AGES: Kindergarten through high school



Dan is a dual certified special education teacher with over 17 years experience. He currently works as a SETSS Teacher at a public school in New York City. Dan believes relationship building is the cornerstone of a successful teaching practice and strives to quickly engage his students by exuding expertise and passion within his practice. In his 17 years as an educator, Dan has worked as a resource teacher, inclusive special education teacher, as well as a self contained special education teacher.  Dan has experience working with a wide variety of students including those with specific reading, writing and math learning disabilities, speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, as well as issues with Executive Functioning. Through his experience as an educator, he has been able to find his own innovative, progressive approach, which allows him to tailor units, lessons and concepts to the individual learning needs and interests of his students.

Dan has worked with a multitude of students implementing multisensory reading instruction and specializes his instruction to students who have difficulties with decoding or dyslexia. He has experience in implementing the Corrective Reading Program, Wilson Fundations, Wilson Reading System, The Orton Gillingham Approach, Guided Reading Leveled Literacy, Novel Studies, Core-Knowledge and the Teachers College Readers Workshop.  Dan also has a passion for teaching math and uses kinesthetic/tactile strategies to reach all learners. He has used Go-Math, NY Engage, Everyday Math from the University of Chicago and TERC Investigations. When teaching writing Dan uses a variety of approaches to engage his students which includes the Hochman Method and Word Study/Vocabulary Instruction using Words Their Way.

Dan earned a Master’s Degree in Regular Education and Special Education from Touro college and holds a bachelor degree from High Point University in North Carolina. He holds professional teaching certificates for both regular and special education (grades 1-6).

LOCATION: Manhattan: All of Manhattan

TYPE OF SERVICES: Multisensory Reading Instruction, Administration and Interpretation of formal and informal Reading and Math Assessments, Math Instruction and Remediation, Executive Functioning, Study Skills, Common Core Homework Help

EXPERTISE: Working with children who have difficulty decoding (reading words correctly) including those with dyslexia, reading fluently, spelling difficulties, showing reading comprehension, expository and narrative writing instruction, grade level and remedial math instruction, homework help, common core tutoring, building executive functions.


AGES: Kindergarten through 8th Grade


Ph.D. in Literacy

Dr. Annalisa first entered the world of education as a specialist in Second Language Acquisition and teacher of Italian. She holds a BA in Italian Studies from the prestigious Macaulay Honors College at CUNY, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction & TESOL from Concordia University, and completed a doctorate in Literacy from St. John’s University. Annalisa is a NYS certified teacher and has worked with CUNY and the NYC DOE for over 8 years. Annalisa specializes in all areas of literacy from grades K-12+ and also enjoys fostering literacy skills through the instruction of additional languages.

Annalisa has worked for over 10 years to help struggling readers and writers blossom into confident learners. She believes in an organic approach that is highly tailored to the learners with whom she works. She specializes in working with learners with specific disabilities in reading, writing and processing and uses evidence-based methods such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading and the Hochman Method to provide actionable solutions for the needs unique to each learner. Annalisa also specializes in Executive Function and self-regulation skill building. She understands the value of the individuality of every learner and takes pride and care in her ability to tailor instruction in order to provide results that are more far-reaching than academic successes alone.

Annalisa was a nominee for the International Literacy Association’s 2018 30 under 30 and has published articles in several edited volumes as well as in The Oklahoma Reader. She is an associate member of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) and is currently pursuing full board certification.

Location: Manhattan

Types of Services:  Reading instruction and remediation; Writing instruction and remediation, Literacy skills instruction and remediation.

Expertise: Literacy K-12+; Executive Function; Decoding and encoding; Working with dyslexic readers; Reading fluency and comprehension skill building; Vocabulary building; Organizational planning for writing; Study Skills; Bidirectional literacy transfer; TESOL/ ENL



Maddie is a reading tutor for children pre-k to 6th grade. She holds a dual M.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She is a certified Wilson Reading Instructor, having completed 11 separate graduate credits in the Wilson Program. Maddie has experience working with a diverse population of students, especially those with learning disabilities; e.g. dyslexia and ADHD.

Maddie’s personal experience with her own reading struggles as a child has given her a unique understanding of the emotional and social strains that struggling readers often face. Her interest in education began in high school where she tutored elementary school students in reading at The Churchill School and Center and taught children’s yoga. After receiving her B.A. in sociology from Guilford College, she began working at The Child School/Legacy High School where she gained experience teaching children with a wide range of special needs. She was trained there in the Wilson Reading Program by Shelly P. (A highly experienced and accomplished teacher and reading specialist, also at Brooklyn Letters). This training led to a position as a reading specialist at The Child School/Legacy High School where Maddie worked one-on-one and in small groups with students (K-12) who were reading below grade level to build their decoding, encoding and comprehension skills. Maddie also worked as a reading specialist at Integrative Neuropsychological Services where she gave reading lessons as part of intensive educational interventions for children (K-8) with special needs. In this position she worked closely with students’ other service providers (psychologists, speech and language therapists etc.) to ensure that their emotional, physical, and social development were considered in every reading lesson.

Maddie specializes in reading intervention and prevention. She uses the Wilson Reading System and Fundations programs to create individualized lessons to teach reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills. These programs use a multi-sensory approach to systematically teach students how to decode (break words into sounds for reading) and encode (put sounds together for spelling). This multi-sensory approach to reading ensures that all types of learners (e.g. auditory, kinesthetic) can easily access the concepts being taught. When working with younger students, Maddie incorporates lots of movement-based activities into lessons, such as letter-sound hopscotch. Not only do these activities make learning a new reading or spelling concept fun, they also make the new concepts more memorable.

Maddie’s approach to reading education is designed to build students’ confidence and interest in reading while simultaneously developing the skills necessary for academic success. The more she knows about her students, the better she can create lessons that meet their unique needs and areas of strength. She therefore encourages ongoing communication with parents and other’s involved in the student’s education.

LOCATIONS: Manhattan.

TYPE OF SERVICES: Reading Assessments and Consultations. Reading Intervention and Prevention.

EXPERTISE: Working with students who have learning disabilities; e.g. dyslexia and ADHD. Advancing students’ reading abilities who are reading below grade level. Preventative literacy skill building for young readers.

AGES: Pre-K – 6th Grade



Lana G. is a New York dual licensed Childhood (birth-grade 6) General and Special Education Teacher. She earned her Masters of Science in Education in General and Special Education from Long Island University and a Bachelor of Arts from Brooklyn College. She currently works for the Department of Education as a special education teacher in an integrated (ICT) first grade classroom, at a highly regarded school in Brooklyn. 

Lana has over 10 years of experience teaching, tutoring and impacting students with different needs. She has dedicated her career to working in private and public schools, agencies, as well as home based intervention sites throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. She has experience in teaching children from Pre-K-6th grade in a variety of subjects, including reading, writing, social studies and math.Lana is trained in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), Wilson Fundations Program, Leveled Literacy Instruction (Fountas and Pinnell), ReadyGen, Junior Great Books, TC Writing, and GoMath. Lana worked with students with a wide range of disabilities including: speech and language impairments, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, dyspraxia, anxiety disorders, emotional disturbance and oppositional defiant disorder. She demonstrates attentiveness, creativity and thoroughness to the unique and individual needs of the children in her care. Additionally, Lana consistently seeks out to better inform her teaching practices, and focuses on providing the best possible education for her students.  

LOCATION: Manhattan: Financial District, Midtown, Chelsea, Lower East side 

TYPE OF SERVICES: Wilson Fundations Program, Leveled Literacy Instruction (Fountas and Pinnell), Initial, Medial, and Final informal reading and writing assessments, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis).

EXPERTISE: Working with students with learning disabilities, English language learners, individualized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding strategies; reading fluency and comprehension instruction; writing instruction, extra support in all content areas, homework help, building positive study habits.



Maggi is a multi-certified teacher with over 20 years experience teaching students in New York City. Maggi teaches in general education classes as well as integrated co-teaching classes as the special education provider. Maggi also has over ten years experience as an English as a second language provider. In this role, she has successfully worked with a variety of learners with both language acquisition needs as well as reading deficiencies. Maggi trained in the Orton Gillingham approach to reading as well as Fundations, Leveled Literacy Instruction, and SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Word). She has worked extensively on developing her students’ reading comprehension while working on fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness, and sight words recognition. She believes all aspects of reading needs are addressed during literacy instruction. In addition to instruction, Maggi is experienced using both formative and summative assessments to determine next steps for her students. These assessments include TC running records, timed fluency passages, and comprehension checks. Using this comprehensive approach not only helps her keep track of her students’ goals, but it also increases their interest in learning literacy.

In addition to her experience in teaching literacy, Maggi is trained in Go Math (K-5), everyday math (K-3) and Exemplars (K-3).

Maggi is also a professional storyteller, writer, and actor with an improvisational children’s theater. She brings this passion and enthusiasm to her work with students. Maggi provides a safe learning environment where both student and teacher are encouraged to take risks.

LOCATION: Manhattan
TYPES OF SERVICES: Orton Gillingham, Fundations, SIPPS, Administer individual assessments in reading and writing, develop student specific learning plans, homework and organization, phonics/phonemic awareness/reading comprehension, ELA test prep, math support (K-4th grade)
EXPERTISE: working with a variety of learners, reading intervention, fluency, extra support in all content areas including organization
AGES: 5-12



Rachel is a School Psychologist with the New York City Department of Education and certified in the Wilson Reading System. Rachel is passionate about working with children to promote their academic, social, and emotional growth. Her education includes a B.S. in Marketing from the Rutgers School of Business and a Masters in Education with an Advanced Certificate in School Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn College.

As a School Psychologist, Rachel has worked with a diverse population of general and special education students at the elementary and middle school levels, conducting psycho-educational assessments and providing counseling services. She also fosters collaborative relationships in which children, parents, school staff, and outside agencies can work together to maximize students’ potential and create the most positive school environment that is possible for them.

As a Brooklyn Letters reading tutor, Rachel uses the Wilson (Grade 3 and above) and Fundations (Grades K-2) programs to improve children’s decoding, fluency, comprehension, and spelling skills. She is intent on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students so they feel most comfortable to persist and challenge themselves. She highlights students’ strengths by tailoring lessons to meet each student’s unique learning style.


Manhattan: All areas

Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope; She resides in Williamsburg

TYPE OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessments, individualized reading and spelling intervention and instruction

EXPERTISE: Assessment and intervention for children struggling with decoding, reading comprehension, fluency, and spelling; developing and implementing behavior intervention plans

AGES: Pre-K – 6th grade

Michelle C.


Michelle is certified in Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education and Special Education (Birth-Grade 6).  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Towson University, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Hofstra University.  Michelle is trained in Fountas and Pinell, Fundations, Wilson, Orton-Gillingham and Go-Math.  Michelle has a passion for working with children and families.

Michelle has experience working with a diverse population of general and special education students.  She has been teaching since 2012.  Michelle has taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade and third grade. Michelle works with both general education and special education students.  She has experience working with students who are emotionally disturbed, have autism, have speech and language impairments, struggling readers and students who struggle in all academic areas.  She teaches small reading groups throughout each day using a systematic, multi-sensory, phonemic-based approach in order to improve spelling, decoding, fluency, and comprehension.  Michelle also teaches math in small groups using interactive centers and manipulatives.  She also collaborates with speech, occupational and physical therapists in order to better meet each child’s needs.  She has experience being one of the parent/ family involvement chairs in her school and enjoys working side by side with many different families.

LOCATION: Manhattan

TYPES OF SERVICES: Initial reading assessment, Fundations/Orton-Gillingham/Wilson based reading instruction, including individualized reading instruction and intervention in phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding strategies; individualized instruction in reading fluency and comprehension instruction; writing instruction, and math instruction and intervention

EXPERTISE: Working with students with and without learning disabilities and students who need extra literacy support; working with students who need extra math support

AGES: Pre-k-6th Grade

HOURS: After school



Rita is a certified literacy specialist with a M.A. from Bank Street College of Education and a B.A. in Literature from Bard College. She has practiced assessment and tutoring in private and clinical settings. Rita has had classroom experience at Hunter Elementary School as well as in public elementary schools in Queens and Harlem. She has completed Part I of Literacy through Multisensory Teaching (LMUST), an Orton-Gillingham curriculum developed by Judith Birsh. Growing up with a dyslexic sister in a time when learning disabilities were less understood, she has personally witnessed the challenges that struggling readers and writers face. She has also had extensive music and computer experience and has worked in online news and in web design and development. Rita combines her experience in the arts, computers, and education to teach literacy skills such as decoding and comprehension strategies. She has also had success helping students prepare for the New York State ELA exams. Her students have fun following a series of short, engaging exercises while they learn the skills they need. Rita strives to help her students gain confidence by teaching them to direct their particular strengths toward the goal of becoming more independent learners and successful readers and writers.

Read testimonials here.

LOCATION:  Manhattan.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Formal and informal reading assessments (phonological awareness, sound symbol association, decoding strategies, fluency, and reading comprehension, spelling); development of intervention programs to address needs.
EXPERTISE: Developing individualized and prescriptive remediation for struggling readers
AGES: Pre-school through middle school

Amy H.

New York State Certified Literacy Instructor, M.S.ed, Wilson Trained

Amy earned her Masters of Education at Bank Street College of Education. She is experienced with students who have a broad array of learning issues including dyslexia, and works one-to-one with students in decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, phonological awareness, language delays, and with students struggling in math. She also works with general education students needing extra support.  

Amy has extensive experience with supporting pre-literacy skills such as letter identification, phonics, kindergarten readiness, and performs formal and informal assessments. She is trained in multiple Orton Gillingham programs including Wilson, Fundations, PAF, and IMSE.  In addition to her work with these structured, multi-sensory approaches, she has extensive experience with teaching comprehension skills and filling in gaps for students needing support with specific concepts. She is experienced in Seeing Stars and Lindamood Bell methods used frequently for students needing greater language support.

Amy’s approach to mathematical instruction is to present an organized and structured curriculum using multisensory methods similar to her Orton Gililngam training with literacy. Incorporating review and building on known concepts are an integral part of her philosophy. She’s trained and experienced in Everyday Math K-3.  As her role as a Learning Specialist, she pushed in to 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms to teach math. 

Amy has a warm, intuitive nature and specializes in individualizing her plan of action for each student. She has experience teaching within Manhattan’s private k-3 schools as a reading teacher and learning specialist and has tutored students through middle school.  She has worked with students ranging in age from 3-14.

LOCATION: Manhattan, including Harlem

TYPES OF SERVICES: Orton Gillingham individualized lessons, reading comprehension, formal and informal reading assessments, phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, decoding strategies, fluency, and reading comprehension, spelling, sight word recognition, pre-literacy, and kindergarten readiness.

EXPERTISE: Developing individualized remediation for struggling readers

AGES: Pre-school through middle school

Ann Marie O.

New York and New Jersey State Certified Reading Teacher K-12, M.S.ed, Orton-Gillingham Trained

Ann Marie is a New York and New Jersey State Certified Reading teacher for grades K-12.  She earned her M.S.ed as a Reading Teacher from CUNY Lehman College and her B.A. in English from Hunter College.  She has over 20 years experience teaching reading in public schools, private schools, mental health clinics, as well as to incarcerated youths.  She has worked extensively with students on the autism spectrum as well as students with extreme cognitive and emotional challenges. She is experienced and trained in many Orton-Gillingham based reading programs and methodologies and is passionate about helping students learn to the best of their abilities. Ann Marie believes that all children can learn to their fullest potential and that having a deep understanding of a child’s learning profile is essential to helping them to reach their goals.

Ann Marie is experienced with many reading programs and curriculums within the public and charter school systems.  With her knowledge of and experience teaching reading, she can quickly target gaps and struggles and help students overcome their challenges with reading. As a mother of two children herself in grade school and middle school, she wants what every parent wants for their kids – happiness and success in school !

Location:  Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester

Types of Services:  Formal and informal reading assessments, Cognitive Abilities Testing

Expertise:  Working with students with extreme challenges, using assessments to target weaknesses, creating individualized programs for students based on learning profiles, Data driven instruction, multi-sensory approaches

Ages:  K-12

Lizzie S.

MS Ed., NYS Certified Childhood General, Special Education, Literacy

Lizzie is certified in Literacy (K-12), Childhood Education and Special Education (K-6). She holds a dual Masters Degree in General Childhood Education and Literacy from Bank Street College of Education. She also holds an additional Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governor’s University. With 8 years of experience working with diverse elementary learners, Lizzie has a passion for helping each child reach their full potential. Currently, Lizzie works as the Director of Learning Supports for an elementary charter school in Brooklyn.

Trained in Orton-Gillingham as well as a multitude of instructional approaches (Reading/writing workshop, Fountas and Pinnell, Core Knowledge Language Arts, Framing your Thinking writing, Teacher’s College Writing) and various research-based intervention programs, Lizzie will individualize her approach to your child’s needs. Every tutoring relationship beings with a thorough review of your child’s strengths and needs as well as interests. Lizzie also identifies what motivates each particular child, whether that is a game at the end of the session, a sticker chart or fun movement breaks throughout, to keep your child engaged and inspired to do their absolute best. Lizzie also prides herself on being very knowledgeable about a variety of children’s books – helping your child find those they will enjoy reading no matter their skill level or interest.

In addition to comprehensive knowledge to support literacy learning needs (phonics, decoding, reading comprehension, writing), Lizzie also loves to provide support to elementary students struggling with math concepts. Whether working on fluency such as knowing their number facts or helping students crack the code of solving word problems, Lizzie utilizes a variety of approaches to help students master this often challenging learning area. Helping children understand information in content subjects (science, social studies) is another area of expertise.

Absolute belief in every child’s ability and the willingness to go to great lengths to find exactly what works for him or her are the core of Lizzie’s approach. She loves to collaborate with families to help them support their own child by providing games and activities parents can use in-between sessions.

LOCATION: Weekdays –  Manhattan: Tribeca, Soho, Financial District, Union Square

TYPES OF SERVICES: Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory instruction, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, Visualizing, and Verbalizing (comprehension), 95% group comprehension and phonics, math support, writing instruction

EXPERTISE: Pulling together resources and expertise to design individualized instruction for every student in decoding, comprehension, writing, and math (K-5), working with students that have dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities

AGES: pre-k to 5th grade

Rebecca M.


Rebecca is an elementary education teacher (grades 1-6) in the New York City Department of Education.  She currently teaches 1st grade in Brooklyn.  Rebecca has also worked with students in 2nd through 4th grades in both classroom and extra support roles.  She received her Bachelors in Economics from Northeastern University and her Masters of Science in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Social Studies from Northwestern University. Rebecca is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach (multi- sensory approach for struggling readers/writers), Fountas and Pinnell, Teachers College Reading and Writing, Metamorphosis Math, and TERC math.

Rebecca has experience working with students with diverse needs, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, speech/language impairments, and learning disabilities. She specializes in working with students who need intervention in phonemic awareness, letter/sound identification, decoding/encoding, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing.  Rebecca uses guided reading, Orton-Gillingham practices, and a multi sensory approach to support students at their current literacy levels and help them make progress in these areas.  With upper elementary students, Rebecca also focuses on literacy integration and connecting reading fluency, comprehension, critical analysis, and writing skills to strengthen students’ literacy abilities.

Types of Services: Orton-Gillingham, decoding/encoding, sight-word recognition, leveled literacy instruction, reading fluency and comprehension, writing, math

Expertise: Orton-Gillingham, decoding/encoding support, improving reading fluency and comprehension, strengthening writing skills

Manhattan: Battery Park City, Tribeca, Soho, West Village, East Village, Chelsea, Midtown West, and Lincoln Center

Ages: birth through elementary school


Learning Specialist, M.S. Ed., Bilingual, Childhood, and Special Education; Ed. M., Language and Literacy

Maria has worked with a wide range of students (grades 3-12) in her nine years as a tutor and educator. She has worked with students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, expressive and receptive language difficulties, and math learning difficulties or challenges. Maria has experience using Eureka Math (EngageNY), Terc Investigations, GO! Math, OnRamp, and Saxon Math. Maria is a Wilson trained learning specialist, with experience using Orton Gillingham, Seeing Stars to remediate students with decoding and encoding difficulties, Visualizing and Verbalizing for students with comprehension difficulties, and the Hochman method for writing. Maria began her reading remediation career working with adolescent students who needed reading support and has expanded her practice since that time.  Maria also has experience using the Teachers College and Reading and Writing Workshop and Leveled Literacy Intervention. All of Maria’s tutoring programs are catered to the individual student.

Maria has a Bachelors degree from Mount Holyoke College, and two Masters degrees: one from the City College of New York, in Bilingual, Childhood, and Special Education, and one from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Language and Literacy.

Maria has seven years of experience providing successful test prep services for students taking the SAT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT (all sections on all tests). She also provides support for the Regents in Living Environment, Algebra, Earth Science, US History, Global History, and English. She holds teaching licenses in Childhood Education (1-6) and Special Education (1-6; 7-12).

LOCATION: All of Queens, all of Manhattan
Brooklyn: Dyker Heights, Sunset Park, Borough Park, Coney Island, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Midwood

EXPERTISE: Assessment for reading difficulties, Wilson, Orton Gillingham, Hochman Method, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Test Prep

AGES: 3rd through 12th

Tatiana S.

M.S. . Elementary Education, Certificate in Childhood Education (grades 1-6)

Tatiana is a certified teacher with a track record of success on the NY state exams and over 7 years of experience in NYC schools. She graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame and is a Teach for America alumna. During her time as a TFA corps member, she completed a Masters in Elementary Education from the Relay Graduate School of Education and holds a Professional Certificate in Childhood Education (grades 1-6).

Tatiana specializes in inquiry-based learning and constructivist teaching methods. She implements Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile (VAKT) strategies in her lesson plans. She teaches math using a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) approach and, in reading, she is trained in Teacher’s College Reading and Writing as well as Fountas & Pinnell. Tatiana’s priority is always to differentiate instruction, creating lessons that are individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. Beyond the classroom, Tatiana also has experience tutoring English as a 2nd language to children ages 7 and older.

She recently accepted a role as an educational consultant, coaching teachers and leaders on using data to drive instruction and best practices for effective differentiation. Prior to this, she taught 3rd-5th grade on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, then in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Tatiana has extensive experience with test prep material and is deeply familiar with math and ELA Common Core State Standards. She achieved a 100% pass-rate on the NY State Math Test for three consecutive years, exceeding the statewide average by 60%.

Location: Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn (preference for Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill)

Types of Services: Individualized reading and math instruction and remediation, building and strengthening knowledge of math concepts (grades 3-6), developing study skills, support with homework, test prep for math and ELA

Expertise: Math instruction for grades 3-6, constructivist teaching practices, test prep for math and ELA

Ages: 3rd through 6th grade



Jenny graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Communication and graduated from CUNY Hunter with a Masters in Early Childhood Development. She is a New York State certified Early Childhood teacher and has been tutoring for the past six years

Jenny is trained in the Preventing Academic Failure approach (PAF), Sounds in Motion, Story Grammar Marker and will train with a Orton Gillingham fellow this summer to help her work towards an Orton Gillingham Accreditation.

She currently works with kindergarteners at a Manhattan school on developing foundational reading and writing skills, literacy intervention and reading comprehension. Also, she has experience teaching 1st-3rd graders on improving their phonological awareness, phonics skills, reading comprehension, writing, working memory, and math skills. Jenny has experience working with children with ADHD, dyslexia, and language disorders. She believes that children benefit from repetition and multisensory learning. She is trained in the Singapore Math method. It provides children with foundational detailed math skills and number sense, building up their mathematical knowledge from the concrete to pictorial to abstract.

Jenny will begin the tutoring process by developing a relationship with your child and start with a formal comprehensive assessment to create goals. She meets children where they are academically and helps them develop the tools to help them become confident and proud readers and writers.

LOCATION: Brooklyn and Manhattan
TYPES OF SERVICES: Reading assessment, building phonemic/phonological awareness and phonics skills, homework help, individualized reading instruction, progress monitoring.
EXPERTISE: building phonemic and phonological awareness, decoding, reading comprehension strategies, writing, reading instruction
AGES: Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade



Peter is a special educator and childhood literacy specialist, pre-K – 4th grade, the “learning to read” phase of literacy instruction. He holds permanent New York State certification in special education, a masters in special education from Hunter College (CUNY) and a PhD in urban education from the Graduate Center (CUNY). He has supervised pre-service elementary school teachers at the undergraduate level and taught literacy assessment and instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Peter currently contributes, edits, and reviews book chapters and articles on the history, philosophy, and sociology of education for various academic publications.

Peter is trained in the Wilson Reading System, one of the many Orton-Gillingham approaches to multi-sensory phonics instruction. He has taught in both inclusive and self-contained special education environments (K – 2nd grade). He has learned through his experience that multi-sensory phonics instruction braided with robust comprehension modalities is the sine qua non of childhood literacy instruction. Phonics and comprehension are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they must be coupled for effective assessment and instruction.

Peter also has an arts background. He has a BA in dramatic literature from NYU and was trained as an actor and musician (electric bass). He has taught arts in education courses at the undergraduate level. He likes to think that he brings a certain amount of creativity to his work that is rooted in a pedagogy of compassion and open-heartedness. 

LOCATION:  Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens available Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, all day to 10 pm.

TYPE OF SERVICES: Pre-K — 4th grade Orton-Gillingham and qualitative (comprehension) literacy assessment and instruction tailored to a student’s individual needs; implementing IEPs; providing test prep for the New York State ELA exam, K – 4th grade.

EXPERTISE: Orton-Gillingham-based literacy assessment and instruction (decoding and encoding) and all that it entails beginning with phonemic awareness and ending with fluency; literacy assessment and instruction for comprehension, for example, the Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) and reciprocal teaching, respectively. Peter has experience writing and implementing IEPs and using the ELA Common Core as a guide for instruction. 

AGES: Pre-K – 4th grade, ages 4 through 10 or 11.