With the Common Core Standards fully unrolled this year, students will have a lot more material to cover in each grade, beginning in kindergarten. Language therapy can help your child better access this rigorous curriculum and have success this coming school year.

What is the Common Core

The Common Core is not as scary as it sounds. It is a clear set of standards, consistent across states, that will help students develop real world skills, setting them up for success in college and beyond.

But wait, my child in only in kindergarten!

Don't worry children are not expected to take college entrance exams upon entering their first year of school. Skills gradually build from year to year, so students become more comfortable with what they are learning. Once your child learns how to navigate these basic expectations learning becomes easier and success comes quicker.

What areas are addressed by the Common Core

The Common Core covers all areas of learning, including math, language arts, history/social studies, and science/technology. Each standard is broken down by grade and specific learning objectives. Take a look at for more information for the standards by grade level, and you will see that the majority of the learning objectives are language based even math!

How did speech and language therapists become Common Core experts

Many of the areas addressed by the Common Core are skill areas that speech-language therapists have focused on during therapy sessions. For example, each grade has a standard for asking and answering questions, recounting stories, demonstrating command of the English language in reading, writing, vocabulary, and speaking.

With their unique background and training, speech language therapists are language experts! They come equipped with a nifty bag of tricks, making learning these skills fun, easy and engaging.

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