We are here to answer your questions and help you better understand speech and language development and its delays, and educate you with any literacy challenges your child is facing. If you are interested in therapy and/or professional learning services, please provide us with copies of recent evaluations, e.g. neuropsychological, psychoeducational and/or IEPs. If your child’s goals are up-to-date, you will not need to start with a Brooklyn Letters assessment. We accept up-to-date intervention goals from outside professionals. Our assessments are custom tailored, take place at your home or at an office, and are appropriate for all ages. We are professionals who provide a wide range of evaluations and professional services custom tailored to the individual’s needs.

Please contact your insurance company before scheduling an evaluation with us to see if you are covered for private pay services, called out-of-network, or contact your insurance company for a list of in-network speech therapists. We are considered out-of-network providers: you pay us directly; we are not part of your insurance network. We can provide you with speech language invoices for evaluation and for treatment. You submit these invoices to your insurance company, and they will reimburse you, not us, if you are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. If you are interested in Early Intervention or Board of Ed. services, please contact them, since we do NOT accept Early Intervention or Board of Ed., e.g. CPSE, CSE, etc. services.

If you are interested in therapy and/or professional learning services and your child or the adult has not been recently evaluated and/or your child does not have an IEP, we recommend either a Brooklyn Letters Mini Evaluation or Full Evaluation to get started. Effective services are based on professional comprehensive assessments.

Social Skills Assessment (for young children) $150

We use a standardized empirically validated parent-report questionnaire to help assess pragmatic language development in 18- to 47-month-old children. This assessment helps identify children with delays in pragmatic language development (i.e., the use of language in a broad variety of everyday settings and in interaction with other people) compared to children of the same sex and age in months; to identify children whose expressive language skills should be further evaluated with a comprehensive speech and language assessment. We mail you the questionnaire, you fill it out, mail it back to us & we score it, provide you with the results, and schedule a 30 minute phone consultation.


Includes a one-hour meeting where we meet you and your child, review previous reports, testing, etc, discuss your concerns, and we produce a one page report with professional impressions and recommendations. A consultation is helpful if you need advice about the next steps, and/or is appropriate for a child who has already had an evaluation done recently (e.g., through EI or CPSE). We can also observe your child, supplementing an evaluation. We recommend a Mini or Full-Evaluation if the individual has not yet been evaluated, if the individual needs updated goals, and/or you need an ICD-10 code, when appropriate.

MINI EVALUATIONS $200 (articulation)-$300 (expressive language)

Includes a one-hour assessment, where we meet you and your child, review previous reports, testing, etc., and we produce between a 1.5 to 3 page report with professional impressions, recommendations, and speech language goals (if needed). Mini- evaluations are recommended as an initial evaluation if concerns are limited to one area (e.g., articulation, expressive language) and/or if the individual needs updated speech language goals. If the child has one or two speech sound errors, e.g. difficulties with production of /r/ or /l/, we won’t need to perform a full articulation assessment. We can furnish an ICD-10 code with a Mini-Evaluation if the child has mild articulation concerns or if the child has an expressive language delay, particularly when the child is under 4 years of age. If your concerns involve more than one area of concern, e.g. expressive and receptive language individuals, expressive language and articulation, if the child is older than 4 and has either expressive and/or receptive language delays, language learning difficulties (any age), we typically recommend a Full Evaluation, particularly when you need an ICD-10 code for insurance policies.


$300-$350 for Articulation or Fluency (Stuttering)
$300-$400 for Literacy or Feeding
$400-$700 for Language (expressive and receptive or expressive), Language and Literacy, or Language/Literacy/Articulation etc. We typically recommend a Full Evaluation for expressive language when the child is 4 years and older.

All of our Full-Evaluations occur over one visit at a quiet space in your home. Your child will be given breaks. Occasionally, we are unable to complete our testing due to a reluctant child unable to complete the testing within the appropriate amount of time allowed for assessments. We reserve the right to charge an additional $125 to schedule a follow-up appointment at your home to complete the testing when these circumstances arise.

This includes a phone consultation, a 1 to 2.5 hour assessment where we meet you and your child, and produce a three to six page report including professional impressions, recommendations, and goals. Results are discussed over the phone or in person, if the data is scored at time of the assessment, during the scheduled evaluation. If a parent requests a follow-up meeting to discuss the results in person, this will be billed as a Consult, and a school observation is considered a Consultation. Full evaluations are recommended if you are concerned about any of the following: expressive language (vocabulary, grammar, social use), listening skills, pre-literacy, literacy, social and play skills, fluency, e.g. stuttering, voice, and feeding development. We can furnish an ICD-10 code, if the individual has a significant delay or a disorder. A full evaluation is also needed for private CPSE and CSE evaluations. For an ICD-10 code related to literacy, e.g. dyslexia, we recommend that you follow-up with additional testing performed by a psychologist.

  • Bilingual Mini and Full-Evaluations cost higher than English ones.
  • Please note that assessments scheduled at an office might be slightly higher, e.g. $20-50 more, only if we rent space outside of our normal office hours/availability.

If you are interested in speech language therapy or reading services, please contact Craig at craig@brooklynletters.com (immediate response). He will fit the individual, who needs help, with the therapist’s or specialists’s background, skill set, and availability.

Dr. Lindsay Whitman performs psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations.

If you are looking for insurance reimbursement (ICD-10 code (as of 10/1/15 ICD-9 codes can no longer be used, please refer to this link for ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion)).