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Park Slope Speech Language Therapy for Children

By August 28, 2014September 8th, 2022Blog

Park Slope Speech Therapy

Park Slope, Brooklyn speech therapy services in the convenience of your home or come to one of our offices!

Speech language services include:

Pronunciation (all ages)
Early Childhood Expressive Language
School Age Expressive Language
Tongue Thrust Therapy
Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDD, Aspergers, etc.)
Social Skills
Listening Difficulties (auditory and language processing)
Picky Eaters and Early Childhood Feeding Delays
Voice (Dysphonia) Therapy
Augmentative and Alternative Therapy (AAC)
Adult Speech Therapy

Our Licensed Speech & Language Therapists qualifications include: – Master's degree in speech language pathology – New York State and national certification – PROMPT training – We offer bilingual services (Spanish, French, Hebrew, or Hungarian).

Here’s our team.

Speech, Language, Feeding Therapy

We are experienced to treat babies to adolescents (we are now offering adult speech language therapy!) with a variety of speech language difficulties, including articulation/enunciation difficulties (e.g lisp, tongue thrust, and/or difficulty saying sounds, and more), speech delay (including apraxia, oral motor difficulties, cleft palate), late talkers/expressive and receptive language delay (including multilingual homes), autism spectrum, e.g. Asperger's, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS), social language delays, disfluency (stuttering), and feeding delays (including picky eaters, oral motor delays, medically fragile).

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